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Christmas Card messages & etiquette

Everything you ever need to know

In not too long at all, it’ll be all jingle bells, mince pies and fairy lights strewn just about everywhere, and do you know what else? Stamp licking, address writing and Christmas Card sending to neighbours, family members and colleagues alike. That’s right, ever since a savvy chap by the name of Henry Cole first thought up the idea of sending festive greetings cards to loved ones back in 1843, we’ve become a nation that’s all about the written word come December time. Be that as it may, the question of Christmas Card etiquette comes up time and time again with severe cases of writer’s block taking hold of jolly souls the world over. But not this year – not if the Papier team has anything to do with it...

Some special tips

Everyone’s got a stationery personality right? There’s the fun and funky types, the understated and minimal sort, and all the kitsch kids to name a few. So make sure what goes on inside your Christmas Card follows suite. Grab that coloured gel pen, get doodling Christmas puds or ribbon-wrapped presents, heck, stick a gold star or two in there and surrender yourself to infectious Christmas spirit. At the very least, use a classy metallic ink to jot down your Yuletide wishes.

When to send Christmas Cards

Now for logistics. Etiquette covers not just what to write in a Christmas Card, but when to send the thing. We say a good two-three weeks before the big day is a safe bet for your nearest and dearest so that your sentiments are with them from early December all the way through. It also covers you for any slow-as-a-snail post problems. For neighbours, you can get away with sending them a bit later. Keep an eye out for when they put their tree up and see that as your (ever)green light. And when it comes to colleagues, it’s A-OK to hold fire until just before you ‘break up’ for Christmas. Dish them out on the last day of work if you like and it’ll put a spring in their step as everyone skips out with their out of office firmly on.


What to write in Christmas Cards

Here comes the good stuff – the Christmas stuffing if you will. Should your message be short and sweet or should it fill the page (not a bad shout if you don’t see them all too often and can include a few lines about what’s been going on in your world)? Should it nod to New Year or just focus on Christmastime? Should it be for the same for everyone or is personalising the contents for every recipient the way to go? What to write in a Christmas card, be it for family, your boss, a teacher, or your bestie goes a little something like this...

For your best friend

Happy happy Christmas to my brother from another mother!
Bring on yet another Hot Toddy-tastic Christmas Eve.
Lots and lots of love xxx

For your sister or your brother

Dear Tom
Every year, I wish we were still little enough to be too excited to sleep and desperately waiting to check out stockings together to see if he’d been. Although, I’m still game if you are?!
Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years.
Your fabulous little sister x

For your son or daughter

To a much-loved daughter,
Merry Christmas darling.
We hope that 2020 brings you nothing but health, happiness, love and plenty of laughter.
All of our love,
Mum and dad x

For your granddaughter or grandson

Dearest Oliver
Merry Christmas.
Eat, drink and be merry forever and always.
With love, from the bottom of our hearts
Nana and grandpa x

For your mum or dad

To my favourite two people in the world,
Merry Christmas.
Thank you for always being at my side and for making this year as happy as every one before it – like you always do. And thank you for what I know will be yet another Christmas to treasure forever.
Love you lots,
Your preferred child (Sarah) x

For a grandparent

Dearest Nana and Grandpa
Have yourselves a merry little Christmas!
I can’t wait to see you on Christmas Eve and to be able to spend two whole days eating too much, playing games and falling asleep on the sofa next to you!
Lots and lots of love,

For your boyfriend or girlfriend

Merry Christmas handsome!
I really hope you love what’s waiting for you under the tree – I thought of you as soon as I saw it.
I’m so excited about what next year has in store for us.
Mistletoe kisses,

For your husband

To my better half.
Merry, merry Christmas.
Cliched as it may be, all I want, and all I’ve ever wanted, for Christmas is you.
2020 here we come.
Truly, madly, deeply

For your wife

To my one and only
What on earth would I do without you?
Nobody deserves a merrier Christmas than you.
If I could, I’d offer to cook Christmas lunch so you could put your feet up, but it wouldn’t come close to your standards. But washing up is on me and I promise to be on prosecco-topping-up duty all Christmas long.
Love you with all my heart,

For your teacher

Dear Mr Turner
Thank you for being the best teacher ever and for making algebra FINALLY make sense!
See you in January with my new pencil case in tow – providing I’ve made the nice list!
Happy mince pie eating!

Papier Christmas Cards

What to write in a business or corporate Christmas Card

Straight-laced or a chance to show off your warm and fuzzy side? Read on for a sample or two of corporate Christmas greetings, whether you’re sending one off to a boss or business partner.

For a client

Dear Isobel, Jeffrey and the rest of the clan
Have a fantastic Christmas and a well-deserved break.
It’s been nothing but a pleasure working with you all and we thoroughly look forward to bringing in the new year as a proud partner of Rugs R Us.
Here’s to an even better 2020.
Warmest wishes
The Kudos team

For a supplier

To Rebecca and co
Merry Christmas to you and everyone at your utterly charming ceramic studio. What a fabulous find you were – we couldn’t be happier to have you as part of the extended family at Mugs R Us.
See you in two weeks for what we’re sure will be another fabulous year of working together.
Tamsin and the team x

For an employee

Dear Scott
Get that out of office on, get that champagne flute filled with fizz, and have a thoroughly well-deserved Christmas break.
We’d be lost without you and I hope that surprise in your bank account at New Year will make sure you realise that.
Merry Christmas indeed!

For a boss

Dear Lucy
Happy Christmas to you and all of your family.
Thank you for all of the opportunities you’ve sent my way this year and for all of the support you’ve given me when I needed it – and when I didn’t even know that I did. I feel very lucky to get to work with you and wanted to make sure you know how grateful I am.
Looking forward to coming back after Christmas already.
All the best, Rich

Now dip that quill in ink, click the cap off that glittery gold pen, get your festive stickers at the ready and let the words pour on out!