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5 Inspiring Travel Photo Book Ideas

From the holiday scrapbook to the travel diary – how to remember your adventures forever

Whether you’re flying to a faraway land, sailing to a small coastal town or hitting the road for a trip of a lifetime, one thing is for certain – you’re going to want to savour all of the magical memories you make on holiday. For most of us, it’s become second nature to snap away happily on our phones and cameras. But turning those photo memories into a tangible album we can hold onto forever is a task that often gets forgotten on the return home. So how can we help you, you say? Scroll on for five fun shortcuts to creating a standout travel photo book.

Choose a specific theme

When you’ve returned from your trip with sooo many photos that you’ve had to upgrade your phone’s storage, the idea of designing a photo book can be somewhat daunting. So choose a specific theme to give your photo book a clear direction and purpose. Pick something that played a special part in your holiday, whether it’s the country’s street food, nature or architecture or the days you spent surfing at the beach or wandering museums.

Start by scrolling through your camera roll and favouriting or saving any photos that fit under your chosen theme(s) in a separate folder. Once you’ve made your final selection, you can start to think about layouts. Group similar photos that work well together, and let striking landscape shots take centre stage on their own page. And don’t forget to add captions. Knowing the flavour of that eclair you devoured in that Parisian patisserie or the name of that cobbled street you loved will bring it all those good times back to life.

themed travel photo book idea

Create a scrapbook

You know all those little mementoes you collect and keep from your holidays? Train tickets, instant photos, business cards for restaurants, vintage shops and bars you found and loved. They can all be peppered throughout your photo book to make your pages pack a punch.

Make a conscious effort to pick up any trinkets and reminders throughout your next trip and lay them all out on your desk or table when you get home. As you sift through your holiday snaps to decide which ones you’d like in your album, earmark any mementoes you want also want to include on each page, and be sure to leave enough white space so you can stick them in when your final photo book arrives.

Avoid lots of full-width page layouts; go for smaller, square imagery instead so you can frame your pictures with any souvenirs. And if you’ve got some larger keepsakes (programs for Broadway shows, fold-out maps, etc.) or you want to make a collage of several tokens from your trip, just add some blank pages to your book.

Pick a colour scheme

If you’re looking through your photos and seeing a strong aesthetic stand out, then use this to guide your the look and feel of your photo book. A holiday to Bali calls for a palm-print cover housing pages and pages of lush, tropical shots. A fortnight in Santorini could be celebrated with a blue and white theme – try our Colour Block in Navy. Or capture a white wedding on the sun-bleached sands of the Maldives in our bestselling Minimalist.

Try to echo the colour theme throughout, picking photographs that nod to your chosen palette. This technique makes for a super cohesive, aesthetically pleasing photo book.

colour scheme for travel photo books

Go documentary style

A documentary-style photo book will help you to remember all the interesting facts you’ve learnt about your holiday destination and inspire you to do more research on the country/city when you get back. The pages should tell a story, so think about introducing your photo book with a scenic shot or an iconic landmark that’s associated with the place.

Focus on areas of interest throughout your book (cultural festivals, ancient buildings, famous statues, the local cuisine) and use our captions feature to add titles, facts and short messages to accompany your shots. For example: fun facts like, ‘Dubrovnik City Walls as seen in Game of Thrones!’ will make reading (and creating) your photo book way more enjoyable.

travel photo book with captions

Make a travel diary

If you like things in order, then a diary-style travel photo book is probably for you. This involves putting your photos in chronological sequence, so you can remember the entire experience from start to finish. Thankfully, our phones and digital cameras kindly save images in chronological order, so just refer back to your devices if you’re unsure which photo came first when it comes to laying out your book.

Of course, you don’t have to strictly stick to this – feel free to mix up the order to create a better narrative or for any photos that were taken in succession but don’t sit so well together. Add dates in your captions so you can be transported back to the year in question when looking back on your holiday snaps later down the line.

travel photo book ideas

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