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Future Love: The New Wedding Trends

Experts in florals, bridalwear, jewellery & more share their tips and predictions.



Like so many industries, the world of weddings is one that’s been truly turned upside down in light of the pandemic. With brides and grooms-to-be having to adapt to the rules and come up with new ways to celebrate their big (or little) day, there’s been a real rise in new trends and some are here to stay. We asked a few Papier pals to share the wedding trends to note…

Ally Voss, Clover London founder & designer on bridalwear
“The last year has disrupted the bridal industry like never before. I've met brides planning weddings for all sorts of scenarios, from a quick civil ceremony to massive marquee receptions. But regardless of size and style of weddings, the dress trends that are here to stay include....”

Modern simplicity

“Nearly all our brides are on a quest for the uncomplicated. I think due to the lack of certainty in what a bride's wedding day may actually look like, there has been a huge shift toward finding a more understated yet current gown that would fit with whatever eventuality. This makes our statement square necklines and pretty puff sleeves popular options.”


“We receive several enquiries about our production process, fabric and, of course, packaging. All our orders are made to order in 100% silk here in London using locally sourced suppliers. We also currently don't hold stock so all our dresses are made for brides, not bins. We've noticed a definite trend in brides being more conscious about where their garment is coming from and who makes it which is really amazing.”

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Corinne Mankoo, April’s Baker Co-director on cakes
“Naturally, the pandemic has had an impact on many things, and wedding cakes have been no exception.”

Mini Wedding Cakes

“With weddings having faced restrictions, cakes have downsized significantly, giving birth to the cute and chic ‘mini wedding cake.’ Many customers have still wanted to keep an illusion of grandeur for fewer guests so our mini-tiered cakes have become really popular.”


“It has also been interesting to see people branch away from a lot of wedding traditions. Customers have become more experimental and less conservative in their approach to their weddings. Very few of them wanted the traditional white wedding cake. Instead, bright, fanciful pastels and whimsical over-the-top piping has become more sought after. Perhaps due to the limitations that have impacted our lives, people want to go all out and channel their personalities and quirks through the things in life they have control over, such as their wedding cakes.”

Small & More

“Looking ahead we think traditional ‘big’ weddings will become less common now that people recognise there’s less of an expectation to invite so many guests. We also envision that couples will continue to be even more creative with their cakes. We predict a trend of ditching the one big wedding cake and instead opting for a table spread of several smaller, colourful cakes in varying flavours and designs.”

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Talena Rolfe, Head florist at JamJar Flowers on florals
“The pandemic caught us off guard and unprepared. In April 2020 it was as if someone had pulled the plug on our calendar as it emptied and we watched the work just drain away. Then the flower market closed. Events were cancelled. For once we had time to stand and stare as nature unveiled one of the most ravishing springs on record.”

Seasonal, locally-grown flowers

“Slowly, the weddings started again. One by one, tiny little jewel-like days with just a few guests, crafted with tremendous thought and exquisite detail. Many florists and gardeners started growing flowers to sell. We were able to buy buckets of beautiful British blooms grown within a few miles of our studio. We had less control over what would arrive with our order; idiosyncratic, twisty and curly flowers of great and sometimes completely unexpected beauty. We began to grow and forage more ourselves, especially beautiful foliage, grasses and seed heads. By the end of summer we were looking at flowers in a different way. We didn’t just take it for granted anymore that we could always get what we wanted. Seasonality, always a thing with us, became the essence. We had to respond to what we could get. We watch the weather reports more closely these days.”

“Now things are opening up again but the pandemic has probably changed the way we think about buying flowers forever. We still love the reliability and longevity of the produce we buy from New Covent Garden Flower Market, but we buy British whenever we can. We love it, as do our brides and grooms.”

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Claire Menary, Wedding photographer on photography
“I would definitely say there has been a rise in smaller, more intimate weddings over the past number of months. These “micro-weddings” are manageable in terms of numbers (dare I say, it allows the couple to whittle down their guest list to only those they really wish to be there?!) but they’re also much more affordable. Large weddings can be costly and quite a stress to organise, so I see micro-weddings as a really attractive option for those who just really want to get married.”


“I’ve had a lot of bookings for micro-weddings in London in the coming months and I can’t wait for them. There’s something really special about the intimacy of the day. It brings the purpose of the day back to the marriage of two people, rather than this great, big event. I’ve noticed couples are much less stressed on the day too which is great for me as the photographer, as every emotion is captured in a photo!”

“I think the popularity of micro-weddings will continue to go from strength to strength in the next 12 months. Those who had international weddings planned have cancelled them or put them on hold, and have instead chosen to have a small gathering closer to home with the hope to have a big party at a later date when the world really opens up again.”

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Fiona Morrison, Papier designer on stationery
“With postponements and ever-changing rules due to the pandemic, stationery is playing an important part in keeping wedding guests informed and excited. Although we’re seeing couples opt for smaller, more intimate celebrations, less guests doesn’t mean down playing the event. Stationery is still a chance to set the scene and tell your story.“

Subtle florals

“Florals are classics for a reason, no matter the size of a wedding it’s safe to say florals will play a part. However what sets this year apart is a ‘less-is-more-approach’ – we are seeing more subtle, delicate floral details in warm, vintage colour palettes.“

Emphasising details

“The minimalism trend is more popular than ever although, like a micro-wedding, it’s not about stripping things back but emphasising details. Think tonal suites of soft blues, terracotta and creams that make colour the key focus, combined with modern typography and playful quotes that look good enough to frame.“

Foil details

“A more simplified wedding doesn’t mean making things less special or formal. A smaller guest list means splashing out on elegant details like gold foiling a possibility. Metallics are another classic recurring trend, and this year subtle gold borders, celestial skies and small embellished floral details will add that sophisticated touch to elevate your stationery.”

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Charlotte Plein, Head of marketing at Fenton & Co on jewellery
“Colour has always been a popular choice in engagement rings, however we have definitely seen a rise in requests for rings that bring show-stopping colour into timeless design.”


“Next to our ever-popular emerald, aquas and blue sapphire (you can't go wrong), our yellow sapphires have been on the rise (especially in the Trilogy Cushion Cut and Signet designs) with their wonderfully bright lemony hue!”

Larger styles

“We have also seen a little more room to opt in for some bigger styles at higher price points with customers upgrading from Original to Big/Bigger sizes, especially since the end of last year. Customers have a little more budget to play with, through savings on ceremonies and/or less travel and holidays, and are looking for something 'forever' they can cherish a lifetime as a lasting investment.”

Bespoke designs

“With more time to plan and gather inspiration, we have also seen our bespoke requests on the rise with our customers coming with specific visions for their wedding bands and engagement rings that encapsulate personal ideas (special birthstones or leaning on family heirloom designs).”

“I think we are only at the start of the colour craze returning and more of us opting for bolder styles with deeper meaning. We have also seen a rise in men's band requests or finding matching rings to their partners. And with ceremonies taking less traditional forms, we can't wait to see more colourful and one-of-a-kind bespoke wedding bands to tie the knot!”

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