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How To Recycle A Christmas Card

Even in today’s digital age, there's no festive message of love and well wishes that matches a handwritten Christmas card. And this year, more so than ever before, the desire to connect with loved ones near and far has never been stronger.

We're very conscious about our impact on the planet at Papier, so all our Christmas cards (like all our products) are made to order – meaning as little waste as possible. While our paper is only ever sourced from forests with the highest social and environmental standards.

But once you're ready to take down your cards and dispose of any you don't want to keep, the next step to sustainability is with you. So we've compiled a few handy tips to help you be clear about what you can and can't recycle, as well as some neat tricks for upcycling your cards.

Can I recycle my Christmas cards?

In short, yes! The good news is that most Christmas cards are made to go straight into your recycling bin. Provided that the card is made from paper, it should be widely accepted at recycling facilities. In order to make sure that your cards will in fact be accepted, however, it’s important to inspect your cards for any embellishments or decorative elements that aren’t made solely from paper.

Keep a keen eye out for any foil, tinsel, glitter or plastic attached to the card, and remove it before recycling. Beware that any remaining scraps of these materials will mean that the whole card can no longer be recycled — leave no stone unturned!

How to recycle your Christmas cards

The fastest and easiest way to recycle your Christmas cards and envelopes is to remove all excess materials as listed above, ensure that you save the stamp from the envelope, and place in your recycling bin ready for household collection — or take a trip to your local recycling facility if you don’t have collections available to you.

How to upcycle your Christmas cards
Whilst traditional recycling methods are much more ecologically conscious than throwing your old cards into the landfill, there are limitless creative ways to upcycle your cards and repurpose them into something lovely and new for your home.

  • Get crafty and fill your space with charming, textured paper flowers. Simply cut your most colourful, used Papier cards into shape and layer accordingly.

  • Or why not send the joy on and make one of our paper boxes to hold next year’s gifts? See where your creative instincts take you and find exciting ways to breathe a new lease of life into your much-loved messages.

You can find detailed instructions for both of those ideas in this article.

Feeling inspired to send some seasonal joy? We've sackfuls of very merry (and recyclable) Christmas card sets. And learn more about Papier’s commitment to sustainable production here.

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