Verses To Write In a Mother's Day Card

"Dear Mum…"

Oh no! You know you love her, you know what she means to you but your mind is blank. What to write in a Mother’s Day card? How to put all that love and appreciation for mum (or any wonder woman in your life) into words that go beyond ‘Happy Mother’s Day’?

Don’t worry. We’ve got a few poetic ideas for you that will help the ink, and the tears of joy, flow.

The one that's sure to make her smile

My Mother, my friend so dear,
throughout my life you’re always near.
A tender smile to guide my way,
you’re the sunshine to light my day.

The one that's nice for a partner to write on baby's behalf

Dear Mummy,

I’m here in the world
alive, safe and free

But if it wasn’t for you
I know I wouldn’t be

So I wanted to tell you
you mean the world to me


The one that's sure to bring tears to her eyes

You held my hand for a short while
but you'll hold my heart for ever

The one for grandma


I am lucky to have strong, supportive women in my life.
And that’s all down to you!

Thank you for raising the amazing women that surround me.
You’re a wonderful gran, it’s true.

The really rather lovely one

Sending this, Mum,
especially to say
wishing you a happy
and wonderful day...

And to tell you this day
will always be one
for remembering the many
sweet things you have done!

mother's day cards

The one for a wonder woman who isn’t your mum

She said ‘you can do anything.’
She said ‘always be kind.’
She said ‘believe in yourself.’
She said ‘know your own mind.’

That person was you.
You made me who I am.
I’ll forever be grateful.
I’m your number one fan.

The one to let her know she’s your best friend

We are one soul.
The very best of friends.
More than mother, daughter.
My love for you has no end.

The one that's short and sweet

There is no blessing quite so dear
As a mum like you to love year after year!

spice girls inspired mother's day verse

The one for the Spice Mum

Take inspiration from the Spice Girls and their mother-celebrating hit Mama. The lyrics may not be a match for Sylvia Plath but their simplicity can speak volumes – particularly if your own mama has dropped her Union Jack mini-dress off at the dry cleaners in readiness for the girl power gang’s reunion tour.

Mama, I love you
Mama, I care
Mama, I love you
Mama, my friend

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