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Inspiring Images: Festive Photo Book Ideas

As the old adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. It’s through the power of photos that we can capture life’s most special moments.

Whether you’re commemorating a wonderful wedding or fun, festive get-together, a photo book is the perfect way to transport yourself straight back to those occasions. But, as with all creative tasks, the devil is in the detail when it comes to curating your photo book. That’s why we’ve pulled together some inspiration for themes and ideas for your festive photo book, so that you’ll feel confident in creating your own memento that will last a lifetime.

Baby’s First Holiday
Mark the joyous arrival of your newborn with a selection of photos of your baby’s first Christmas. A photo book serves as a memento that will document this particularly special festive season for years to come.

Try taking a picture of your baby nestled amongst your unopened gifts. After all, what better present could sit under your tree than your new bundle of joy?

If you’re a family with beloved pets, why not bring your furry friends onboard for a photoshoot? Make memories of your baby with their first best friend, and revisit this each year to compare how they’ve grown.

With a new baby comes a whole host of new traditions. Be sure to fill your photo book with baby’s first stocking, the first visit to Father Christmas, the first carol concert and the first mince pie.

Your Year in Photos
If you prefer to steer clear of festive-themed gifts, perhaps you’d rather take a screenshot of your year as a whole. Compile a photo book filled with special birthdays, trips away and memorable events to encapsulate the year that you’ve had.

You could order your photo book chronologically by month, or thematically with categories such as holidays, birthdays, time with friends and family occasions. Why not think of this as a new annual tradition and create a keepsake photo book to remind you of how you’ve spent the past year?


Visits to Father Christmas Over the Years
There’s no magic quite like when a little one heads to the grotto, is mesmerized by the elves and gets to meet Father Christmas in person. With photos taken year after year of this wonderment, you’ll have plenty of material for a lovely photo book. Compile your photos of these mystical moments to see how your family has changed over the years, and how ol' Saint Nick hasn’t!

Neighbourhood Christmas Lights
We’ve all got that one family on the street who goes bigger and brighter each year when Christmas comes around (or maybe you are that family yourself!) With such decadent displays of illuminations and ornaments, it’s only natural that you might take a snap of your neighbourhood’s boldest decorations.

Maybe you prefer to document houses in your area, or perhaps you’re fonder of more grandiose public arrangements. Choose the images that inspire the most joy and organise your photo book chronologically, or by theme and colourscapes.

Festive Furry Friends
Is there anything more adorable than a kitten in a stocking? A chinchilla under the tree? Our pets are such joyful companions to our lives all year-round, so it’s only right that they get their own mention in our selection of festive photo books.

Whether they’re fresh from the groomers, or rough and scruffy just like you’ve always loved them, find the paw-fect spot in your home, or head out to your local park or green space, and snap away.


Carol Concerts
If you’re a bunch of musical maestros, or even if you just prefer a collective Christmas screech, carol concerts hold a dear place in the heart of many when December rolls around. If you attend a particularly special annual concert, place your snaps of the singers in a beautiful photo book to look back on fondly.

White Winters and Snowy Scenes
The glorious feeling of stepping into crisp snow is possibly unrivalled in its wintry wonder. If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where the beauty of a white Christmas is a possibility, try compiling a photo book to remind yourself of all the stunning snowy scenes you’ve witnessed over the years.

To give your photo book some context, you could take photos of the same spots when sunny and when covered in snow to capture the magic of the changeable nature of our seasons.

Christmas Jumpers Over the Years
There’s no tradition so wholesome, and so cheesy, as the humble Christmas jumper. Commemorate your most noteworthy knitwear over the years with a photo book inspired by your yuletide wardrobe. Whether your family is obsessed with matching sweatshirt sets, or you’re insistent on your own individual styles, a book of your gaudiest garments is a perfect time capsule of festive fashions over the years.

Your Joyful Trees
For many of us, putting up the tree is the first inkling that Christmas has arrived. Untangling the lights, unboxing the decorations, topping the tree. It’s the little moments that get you into the seasonal mood. Perhaps you decorate to a strict color scheme, or maybe you’re more rustic in your approach and believe that more is more.

Whatever your ornamental inclination, a wonderful photo book of trees past and present will capture the true spirit of the Christmas period.

Feeling inspired to create your very own festive photo book? Take a look at our selection of beautiful photo books here, and get making yours.