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#PowertoChange: Women for Women International

A commitment and more from our Mother’s Day Charity Partner.



This Mother’s Day, we’re proud to have chosen Women for Women International as our partner. We’ll be donating 30p from the sale of every Mother’s Day card to the charity which helps women survivors of war and conflict to rebuild their lives.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Women for Women International, we wanted to share their latest campaign: #PowerToChange – a movement calling for people to use their #PowerToChange the world to make it more equal, peaceful, and prosperous for women everywhere.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day on 8th March, the charity is connecting with some movers and shakers to explore how they’re using their #PowerToChange the world, and they’re inviting us all to become a change-maker in our own community. Learn more about the commitment and add your name to the pledge here, and read on for a commitment from Women for Women International inspired by the campaign...

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The Power to Change Our World

A world that does not respect women’s power
does not respect women.

We’re talked down to, talked over
silenced, ignored.
Our talents rejected,
our achievements brushed aside,
our bodies violated.

When conflict erupts,
we suffer most.

Violence robs us of livelihood, loved ones, food, and safety,
deepening the injustice we bear.
When the conflict is over,
the world’s attention moves on.

We are left behind,
forgotten with no means to survive
no food, no water, no home
in a community that puts our needs and voices last.

Taught to accept injustice,
repress rage and frustration
As the world denies our power
again and again.


When we seize our power
we speak with strength
we reclaim our rights
to protect and liberate one another
to rebuild a world that’s just
and spark a flame to power change.

Commit to your part
big or small
stand up for women’s rights
speak out against sexism
break down regressive, repressive social norms
share your story
support every woman
anywhere, everywhere.

Together, we will harness the power of women
for women.

UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109