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Wedding Flowers by Season with Flos Botanical Studio

With so many beautiful blooms out there to choose from, deciding on your wedding flowers isn’t always as straightforward as you might first think. There’s your colour scheme to consider, the scent of your flowers, the meaning behind each bloom, and, of course, the time of year that you’re tying the knot.


Floral creative director Vivien Hollingsworth is a big believer in working with the seasons when it comes to picking blooms your best day. Her Melbourne floral art studio Flos Botanical celebrates the delicate, the expected and the brave, taking inspiration from fine art practices and art history. She leads a team of passionate floral artists who dream up extraordinary arrangements that honour the seasons – always created from locally grown, artisanal blooms. Here, she shares her freshest tips on choosing wedding flowers by season.

What are the best flowers for spring, summer, autumn and winter?


Wedding flowers for spring
This is the time of year for flower nerds to get married – so many beautiful, delicate, fragrant things. (I got married in spring purely for the flowers!) Dogwood and lilac are iconic spring blooms. Bearded Iris and the most beautiful ranunculus are also around at this time.


Wedding flowers for summer
Garden roses. Always. I really love Soho Rose farm in Victoria, the most beautiful, fragrant field roses are grown there – roses that really sum up the feel and smell of summer.


Wedding flowers for autumn
Incredible foliage can be found at this time of year. If you’re getting married in autumn, I definitely recommend working with the warm colour palette. You’ll also have some beautiful tulips starting to bloom and amazing local chrysanthemums.


Wedding flowers for winter
People underestimate winter blooms. There are so many flowering blossoms and branches, amazing magnolie, really fragrant daphne, and great bulbs, tulips and hyacinths.

Vivien's top 5 tips for choosing wedding flowers


1. Work with the season
Choosing flowers that are in season not only helps to keep your budget down, but it will also mean that your wedding makes sense in the season. The lighting and colour of the landscape should be reflected in your flowers.

2. Do a few things well
We’re not a fan of the 'put a flower on everything' trend. Not every sign and pew needs flowers. Instead, pick a few features and nail them. If your backdrop looks beautiful then no one will be looking at the chairs down the aisle.

3. Pick a florist your trust
There are so many incredible studios working on weddings these days – brides and grooms are spoilt for choice. Rather than approaching every one and comparing prices, whittle down your list to those who work you really resonate with. Anyone can knock a few $100 off a price but going with a florist who knows how to achieve what you want will be the only one who can tell you what you need to achieve that. You don't want to be disappointed on the day.

4. Be honest about your budget
A lot of people are nervous to let florists know their budget. We totally get that it's so hard to know what things cost, but letting us know realistically what you are hoping to spend means that we can design something to suit your wedding, your style and your budget.

5. Don't over Pinterest
It can be overwhelming looking at thousands of images of weddings online. Most of these are of styled shoots and not at all achievable in real life. As opposed to showing your florist what you want to replicate let them help interpret your inspiration. We love seeing images of things other than flowers. For example, fashion, graphic design and interior design all help us get a feel for your style.

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