The Self-Reflection Notebook

This International Women’s Day, we’ve teamed up with model & Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah to bring you a limited edition self-reflection notebook. It’s a space for free expression without judgement.

Reflect. Feel. Repeat.

The notebook can be personalized and features prompts and doodles to help you check in with yourself and others. Inspirational quotes from the amazing guests on the Gurls Talk podcast are dotted throughout, and there’s a list of helpful mental health resources at the back.

A safe space to engage in conversation with yourself

“This journal I suppose is an example of that safe space we have been trying to create throughout our journey with Gurls Talk.

You’re able to tell yourself, reiterate to yourself now about what’s important, what you’ve learned, what you’ve been through, your hopes and wants for the future.” ~ Adwoa Aboah

The notebook is an all-female collaboration between Gurls Talk and Papier’s design team – with each member of the team illustrating one of the prompts. And at the start of the book, Adwoa has written a letter to set you off on your journey of self-discovery.

“The best strategy is not to make a thing smaller, but to make ourselves bigger, irresistible. To make our narrative so loud and so resounding that it drowns out all of the other noise.”

Janaya Future Kahn, Gurls Talk Podcast Guest

Take good care of yourself...

Show a little self-love with the soothing simplicity of pen and paper.

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