Lockdown Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day— a chance for us to show our love and gratitude to the women who have been with us from the very beginning, through thick and thin and everything in between. But in the midst of our new normal, when hugs, celebrating and getting together are all on pause, Mother’s Day is going to be different for many of us this year. If the pandemic has left you feeling lacklustre and a little uninspired for Mother's Day this year, worry no more. We’ve put together a selection of our top picks of sentimental and special ideas for lockdown Mother’s Day gifts that will be sure to send a smile to your lovely mom from afar.


Springtime blooms

Our floral friends are often just right for Mother’s Day celebrations. With the days getting longer and a bit more springtime sunshine in the sky, a beautiful bouquet can be the perfect pick-me-up for any home.
Send your mum a cascade of carnations or a spray of sunflowers to bring joy derived from nature’s beauty. Pair your blooms with a special handwritten message in one of our elegant floral Mother's Day cards.

Tasty treats

If you fancy yourself a whizz in the kitchen, why not put together a hamper of culinary delights for your mom to devour? Fudge, truffles and crunchy cookies all travel well and will show just how much you care.

For an extra-special touch, include a set of our recipe cards with a few examples of your most triumphant lockdown kitchen projects so your mom can bake as though you’re right beside her like you were when you were younger, licking the spoon and making a mess.


Make a photo book

Spend time digging through old photos and reminisce about fond memories of all the happy times together to make one of our exquisite photo books. The perfect gift with that extra personal touch that comes straight from the heart.

Homemade pamper kit

It’s been a stressful year for so many of us; and the anxiety of lockdown and being away from our loved ones has been felt by everyone. Let your mom unwind with a lovingly selected package full of her favourite cosmetics and candles to help melt away some of the worries of the world. Jot down your sacred skincare routine on one of our personalised notecards and share some care this Mother’s Day.

Tantalising tipples

Sometimes all you need is a bit of liquid merriment to get the celebrations in full swing. Send your mom a bottle of her favourite sparkles and pick up a bottle for yourself too. A video chat and a vino are a match made in heaven when you’ve got great company on the other end of the phone.


The joy of journaling

From time to time, the best company we can keep is ourselves. The benefits of journaling are transformative, and the practice can bring a little mindfulness to your daily routine. Read our guide to wellness journaling, and share the healing power of self-reflection with your mom by sending her one of our wellness journals for Mother’s Day.

Nothing beats a good book

Reading allows us the opportunity to dive into worlds that aren’t our own and sneak into the minds and stories of others. What better time than right now to give your mom a slice of escapism with a great page-turner?

Every day’s a school day

With all this extra time on our hands, there’s a chance like never before to learn new skills, crafts and hobbies that interest us. Maybe your mom has always toyed with the idea of jewelry making, or ceramics, or learning a new language. Whatever her secret passion, now is the moment to enrol in an online course and spend time getting stuck in discovering a whole new world and skillset.


Coupons for future fun

Perhaps sending something right now doesn’t quite feel celebratory enough, or maybe you just want an excuse to book in time for a catch up when things are safe to do so. Send one of our beautiful cards and fill it with a coupon or voucher for some QTT in the future. A date in the diary for something to look forward to seems more important than ever right now.

Looking for a card to accompany your gift? Shop our caringly curated Mother’s Day cards and gifts collection, and show your mom just how much she really means to you.

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