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Inspiration for using your personalised calendar

A place to plot your monthly plans and goals for 2024.

Inspiration for using your personalised calendar

There’s nothing better than seeing the next four weeks planned on paper. Mapping out important dates, exciting to-dos and personal goals in one place can help you look forward with anticipation, acting as an overview to stay on track each month.

There’s no way more practical than a wall calendar. Whether it’s for just yourself or a place to organise collaboratively, they offer an easy-to-follow, visual way to plan ahead. From choosing an illustration that doubles up as wall art to deciding what to include in yours, we’ve rounded up some tips for getting the most out of your 2024 calendar.

Choosing a design for personalised calendars

First things first, it’s time to pick a design. We have a range of styles that are hand-painted by our in-house team, as well as unique artist collaborations, full of bright illustrations of travel destinations and bold prints. With the option to personalise with your favourite photos, too, our wall calendars also make the perfect present for the new year – think fun memories with friends or a gift for grandparents. Finally, add your name or a personal message to the cover to truly make it yours – and you’re good to go!

Finding a space for your wall calendar

Now you’ve chosen your 2024 calendar design, it’s time to find it a home. We like to get started by deciding where we’ll hang ours – whether that’s in a communal kitchen or lounge for easy access for the entire household, or maybe over a bedroom desk for more private planning. Each calendar comes wire-bound with a silver hanging loop, ready to be popped onto the wall, just add a nail or picture hook.

Papier calendar on a wall

Laying out your 2024 calendar to work for you

It’s time to take a peek inside. Like any annual calendar, ours runs from January through to December, with space for all the joy that happens in between! We’ve purposefully left our calendars blank – we don’t include national holidays or events – purely so you can use your space to best fit your life, values and beliefs. This place is all about you, and we understand how much each little square counts.

We recommend getting started by flicking through each month, adding in those must-remember annual occasions – like family birthdays, the holidays you celebrate, and anniversaries – then going back through to add events you know you have coming up in the next twelve months (think weddings, getaways, parties, and deadlines!)

Make a plan for 2024 goal setting

We also think a wall calendar is a great place to set goals for the year ahead, so you could also use this space to jot down milestones to reach for as the months move on. This will help you stay accountable in prioritising the achievements that matter to you because we all know how fast twelve months can fly by. If this feels like too much pressure to tackle in one sitting, why not break the year down into three-month chunks? That way, you can zoom in on the specifics of what to do when, taking each smaller step at a time towards your ambitions.

Want to explore our 2024 calendars? Find one to fit your home and style today.

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