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A Guide to the Wellness Journal

Mindful journaling with Papier designer Beth McLoughlin.

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Putting pen to paper of any sort has many positive benefits. But writing your thoughts and feels in a wellness journal – a space specifically dedicated to your self-care, growth and gratitude – can really work wonders for a clear, happy mind. If there’s anyone in our team who believes in the beauty of journalling, it’s our in-house designer Beth. We spoke to her about her love for journals, tips of getting the most of yours, plus her thinking behind our new Papier wellness design.

How long have you been journalling?
I started journalling a few years ago, I heard about the benefits and thought I’d give it a go.

How do you find journalling helps you?
When I’m overthinking something, I find it so useful to do a ‘brain dump’, and list everything I’m worrying about – it helps me take a step back and realise that I’m in my head too much. Also, getting away from a screen and putting pen to paper feels calming in itself. It always improves my mood.


What are your top three tips for getting the most out of your Papier journal?

  1. Make it work for you
    The first few pages have space for a mind map and goals, which is great for thinking about the big picture before you get stuck in. But if you’re not sure yet, just skip to the daily pages and come back to it later! This is your journal, and you can use it in a way that works for you best.

  2. Try to write every day
    To build a new habit like journalling, it helps to connect to an existing behaviour you already do daily. For example, write your intention while brewing your morning tea, or reflect on your day just after you brush your teeth in the evening.

  3. Don’t put pressure on yourself
    The journal is undated, so don’t worry if you forget a day or two. Just start again on a fresh page.


When it came to designing the Papier wellness planner, what did you want to incorporate?
I was so excited when I had the opportunity to design Papier’s wellness journal. I wanted it to feel holistic, so as well as tracking key aspects of a healthy lifestyle (like meals and activity), there’s plenty of space for self-care and reflections, and some fun pages like wish lists.

In the past I’ve found writing out ‘things I’m thankful for’ particularly great at helping me to focus on the positives, so that’s something I made sure to include on the daily pages.


Tell us about the look and feel of the journal.
The inside pages are clean and minimal so people can be as creative as they like. You can keep it classic, or go all out with doodles and pastel highlighters. There are little Papier touches (of course), like little moon icons to track your sleep, and smiley faces to record your mood.

There’s so many options for the cover design, which you can personalise, so you can really make it your own. I can’t wait to see how people use these journals!

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