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The Psychology of Colourful Stationery

The start of a new year is the perfect moment to turn over a new leaf – figuratively and literally. Refreshing your desk with new stationery will help you organise your social life, tick off your work To Dos and keep those well-intended resolutions. But what does the hue of notecards you send say about you? Or how might that shade of diary affect your working day?

We’ve picked three of our favourite chunks of the colour chart and explored their emotional associations.

These sun-like shades of stationery are positively radiating warm feels. Is there a cheerier colour than yellow? If there is, we’ve not laid eyes on it, and we’ve seen a heck of a lot of colours. Whether it’s accompanied by a smiling sausage dog or not, a yellow notebook will have your face, and your desk, beaming. It’s traditionally associated with our two favourite words beginning with H: hopefulness and happiness. So basically, surrounding yourself with yellow is as good for you as popping a Vitamin D pill. (That one’s more personal hunch than scientific fact.) Orange is the colour of confidence, so a bold notecard like the above design from Mother of Pearl will imbue your words with the self-assuredness of a side-hustling CEO/motivational speaker/burlesque performer/DJ and leave a lasting impression on any professional contacts lucky enough to receive your correspondence.

After the frenzy of the festive season, what you need is calm. Green is here for you. It’s not too bright, it’s not too dark, it’s in the centre of the spectrum so it’s restful for the eyes. It’s the colour of balance, which is perfect for those pan-professional-personal resolutions you’ve made – and that Romance Was Born’s Hallmark notebook will help you keep. Its presence also conjures thoughts of the natural world (or is that the pretty palm frond illustrations?) referring to the idea of self-growth: the person you want to become lies behind these verdant covers. There’s no stronger colour to represent a refreshing new start or the release of new life.

Quelle joie! Pink and red signal good times ahead. And this is never more true than when it comes to your paper choices. Whether blush or hot, a flush of pink notecards on your desk can energise your imagination and creativity. It’s a shade that represents a vibrant, adventurous spirit. Pick up this Ludo notebook and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sketching still lifes, scribbling short stories or sculpting your list of dream destinations. Of course, red is also the colour of romance – worth keeping in mind when penning love notes to your sweetheart. If you’re in the market for bold gestures of passion with which to woo your Valentine, this colourblock pink and red notebook is enough to get even the most cold-blooded of notetakers’ pulse racing.

There are many meanings and suggested emotions wrapped up in colours but usually our reaction to them comes down to our personal experiences: the sun-bleached pink bonnet of our parents’ old Astra, the severe purple trim of our school blazer, the blur of faded blue ink we scrawled on our Pepsi pencil case, making us sigh with pleasure or turn and run when we witness those shades and hues in later life. Thankfully, we’ve got a whole spectrum of stationery that’s sure to give you all the feels.