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Papier x Liv & Dom


This is a tale of two sisters. Two identical twin sisters to be precise :)
Liv and Dom are ceramicists and illustrators who create in unison from their cosy home studio in East Sussex. They make everything from incense holders (it’s these they’re most known and loved for – check them out) to ornaments, paintings and lampshades.

Their playful, freeing style celebrates the female body and its many forms, and now their illustrations can be found on a relaxed, joyful collection of stationery.

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The Female Gaze

Inspired by Renaissance zodiac frescoes, nudes dancing in nature, friends picnicking in the open air – the pair’s prints explore women in settings free from sexualisation or judgement.

“The female nude form is the theme that ties all our work together.” – Dom
“Spending time with our friends in nature is definitely when we feel the happiest and the most free.” – Liv

Liv on colour inspiration

Liv on colour inspiration

“A lot of our base colours are earthy and neutral, this was mainly out of necessity in the beginning because we were just using clay straight from the bag. We do like to use nearly all colours to decorate our pieces – the idea is that there will hopefully be something in our shop to suit every home. We tend to lean towards softer tones these days, aside from the odd cobalt blue or bright mustard. The colours are inspired by our home, our wardrobe, colour trends in interiors and fashion, and our walks in and around our town and the South Downs, particularly in the spring and summer.”

Shop Notecards & Writing Paper
Dom on working together

Dom on working together

“It’s very much 50/50. We have certain products we have perfected making though. For example, I make all the incense holders, and Liv makes all our dishes. With the behind the scenes ‘business’, I’m in charge of ordering materials (a bit like a studio manager would) and designing our website, and Liv updates/curates our Instagram!”

Shop Notebooks
The sisters on stationery

The sisters on stationery

“Stationery is one of those things we’ve had on a mental checklist of things we would love to see our artwork on for a really long time, so we naturally jumped at the chance to create a whole collection. My favourite is the Fresco notebook. A photo of the inspiration behind it (an amazing 16th century constellation-themed ceiling fresco from Villa Farnese in Italy) had been saved on my laptop for ages waiting to be used to inform our work in some way.” – Dom “My favourite piece is the Garland notebook. That is definitely the one that fits with my personal style the most, there is something quite bohemian about it.” – Liv

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