An Australian Christmas with Romance Was Born

Yum cha breakfasts and champagne extravaganzas with the Australian fashion designers.



Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are the vibrant founders of Australian fashion label Romance Was Born. Just as colourful in their approach to life as they are in their designs, we were curious about how the Papier collaborators spend Christmas in Sydney. So we asked Luke what they'll be doing and wearing on 25th December.

alt textAnna Plunkett and Luke Sales of Romance Was Born in festive party mode

What are the go-to colours in your wardrobe for the festive season?
In Oz, it’s hot as hell in the festive season so it’s a super summery palette. Lots of white and pastels… but red as well of course, on the special day.

What does Christmas in Australia mean to you?
It’s all about keeping it low-key and stress-free, a day of rest as opposed to a day of obligation and demand.

How will you be spending Christmas day?
We have a regular tradition with friends, yum cha breakfast and beers then off to the beach (and beers) then afternoon naps before a big dinner and champagne extravaganza at a nominated friend’s house – and dancing of course.

What did you wear last Christmas Day, and what are you planning to this year?
It’s so hot here we usually wear swimmers all day, and a fab party look at night.

Tell us one festive fashion item you can’t live without.
A fab beach bag, something to hold all the supplies for the day as we do the rounds.

alt textRomance Was Born's Dollies and Pearls collection

Which Romance Was Born collection would work nicely at Christmas? And what was the inspiration behind it?
Dollies and pearls, oysters and shells – this collection was centred around the idea of old ladies having a tea party under the seas. It’s really what Xmas is about, a celebration enjoying nature.

Your collections are richly detailed. Got any tips on embellishing a look in the midst of the Christmas heat?
I think a fab hat. It’s essential here because of the sun, and you can bedazzle away.

Ever made a festive fashion faux pas?
Maybe wearing something too warm for the weather but we don’t believe in faux pas. If you feel comfortable with yourself, that’s the most important thing.

If you had to dress like a Romance Was Born notebook this Christmas, which one would it be?
The green Hallmark print – the colour is earthy and festive.

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