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Working at Papier

So what does it take to work at Papier? For starters, you need to like our vision – that's to become the world’s leading brand in design-led personalised products. You’ll also want to join us in making Papier become one of the best places to work in the world. How we achieve that is down to our team. We believe that what we do makes a difference and, for us, it's why we come to work. We also have a set of values that are super important to us. They’re what guide us in our day-to-day jobs and reflect the way we work and the way we think. If they resonate with you, sounds like we’ll fit together like pen and paper.

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Papier HQ

Our office is based in a lovely part of central London. On Fridays, we have a freshly prepared team lunch (usually healthy, sometimes pizza). Come 5pm, we put down our pens to party! We also do trips to galleries and museums, plus everyone gets £40-per-month cultural allowance to spend on gigs, books, exhibitions – anything inspiring!

Papier Values


Picture this: a team that tests results, challenges boundaries and is brave enough to go where others haven’t. Yep, that's us! We never settle when comfortable, always striving for better for ourselves, our customers and those who don’t know us yet. We dream big, take risks and place bold bets.


We're self-starters with a ”can-do” attitude, who spot opportunities where others see hurdles. We put ourselves forward; we don’t wait to be asked. Whether we succeed or fail, we get up and go again.


It's no secret we love to talk. We communicate openly and without boundaries and ask if we don’t know. We love communication that's insightful and actionable, no waffle. We also take care in how we speak, slack, scribble, etc., using words (and visuals) to inspire and energise people.


In a nutshell, we're a super creative bunch. From the way we approach opportunities and bumps in the road, to our designs and products themselves, we use endless imagination to create something new, something the world didn’t know it was missing


Everyone is boss at Papier HQ. We behave like owners in everything we do because, well, we really, really care. We focus on results; we figure out what needs to be done; we take the responsibility to make it happen!


We work hard as one Papier family and we have a ton of fun while we’re at it. We’re sure to involve others and support one another with the resources, guidance and general good vibes we need to reach our goals. We recognise that what we achieve as individuals is nothing compared to the magic we can make happen together.