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The 5 Most Adorable Baby Photo Book Ideas

Their first smile. Their teeny tiny yawn. Taking those very first steps. Sleeping soundly without a care in the world. Every moment feels like a picture-perfect opportunity in the early moments of a little one’s life. Most of us are pros at capturing their every move on our phones, but it’s so easy for them to get lost or forgotten in a sea of digital camera roll – a personalised photo book is the way to go. Curate and caption a selection of your cutest baby snaps to create a sweet memento you can hold onto forever. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 baby photo ideas guaranteed to get lots of ooohs and aaahs.

1. A book of firsts

Little moments, big achievements. Celebrate all the ‘firsts’ in your baby’s initial few weeks and months on earth to create a cute photo book you can look back on together. From their first day at home and the first trip to the park, to their birthday party and your first family holiday, these are the good times you’ll want to remember and relive as they grow older. The loveliest part? Our photo books are printed on softly textured paper – made to last – so your baby can pass it down to their baby, generation to generation.

Tip: Once you’ve chosen your favourite cover (we’ve designed a special collection of baby photo books!), choose your shape depending on the kind of photos you’ll be adding inside. We’ve got square for those Insta-snaps, landscape for panoramics or portrait for family smiles.

baby photo book ideas - a book of firsts

2. A monthly photo book

Arrange your photos month-by-month to create a charming timeline photo book. You could start from the month your little bundle of joy arrived into the world, documenting the following 11 months to create an extra-special first birthday present. Or capture them as they progress through nursery, their baby yoga course or tiny dance classes. For a fun idea, take a picture of your baby in the same clothes, in the same spot, each month. Once you’ve gathered a big batch of images (our photo books have a minimum of 30 pages), organise them chronologically in a photo book, so you can flick through and really see the little ways they’ve grown and changed over time.

Tip: Get creative when it comes to the title of your photo book and scatter sweet captions throughout to make it feel even more personal.

monthly baby photo book idea

3. A special event book

Special events like birthdays, Christmas and Halloween are even more magical when you’re a little baby. Treasure the precious memories you make and the priceless looks on their squishy faces by gathering your snaps together in a book dedicated to the occasion. Invest in a few party or fancy dress outfits to create prime photo opportunities, and keep your camera at hand at all times so you can capture any spontaneous moments as well as some off-guard shots. It’ll make a perfect keep-forever book for you or close family members.

Tip: Choose page layouts that compliment each photograph. Got a standout solo shot? Go full width or frame it with a neat border. Got a selection of snaps that work well together? Position them 2x2 or make a grid of four.

special event baby photo book idea

4. Diary-style photo book

The purpose of a photo book isn’t just to look pretty, it’s also to bring back memories, feelings and moments in time you never want to forget. A diary-style photo book is a good way to remember every little detail in full. Collect a mix of your favourite baby photographs and spend the time to write a caption for each shot. You might like to add the date the photo was taken, the name of the song that was playing in the background at the time or some background info like ‘22.06.19 – it’s ballet exam day!” or “Fleur’s face just after she fell off her birthday scooter :( ”

Tip: Remember you can upload photos from your phone, your computer or your Facebook profile. So have a root around albums across all your devices to make sure you’re not missing any winning shots.

baby photo book ideas - diary style

5. Their favourite things photo book

Give your child an insight into all the things they loved most as a little baba by rounding up realtime shots of them enjoying their favourite things. Whether it’s them refusing to let go of their favourite cuddly toy or drifting off to the land of nod whilst being read their best-loved storybook by mummy or daddy, those unposed, precious moments at home often make for the most beautiful photo books to look back on. Trying chocolate cake for the first time, messy hand painting, adventures in the garden – the picture possibilities are never-ending.

Tip: Don’t forget you have the option to add filters to your photos using our easy online editor: choose black & white for a timeless look or sepia to add warmth.

baby photo book idea - babys favourites

Feeling inspired? Create your very own personalised baby photo book in a few easy steps, or check out our guide to creating the perfect photo book!

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