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A brief tale of a great long-distance love

Dreamt up by our in-house writer, disappear into the modern fairy tale behind our Sun & Moon design.

A brief tale of a great long-distance love

When it came to designing our Solstice collection, we asked our in-house writers to dream up short modern fairy tales to inspire the stationery prints. Read on to discover the celestial love story behind our Sun & Moon design.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, the sun and the moon fell in love.

They travelled the world, always together yet so far apart. Longing to be in each other's arms, from the crack of dawn to the depth of night.

When the sun missed the moon, he would shine as brightly as he could. Hoping that she might see him, feeling his warmth from afar.

When the moon missed the sun, she would ask the stars to dance in patterns never seen before, like light-up love notes dotted in the sky.

Their love was a force of nature. A tidal wave of emotions. Rhythms and routines. Distance and desire. But there was always this immense glow. A light that seemed like it would never go out.


One morning, after becoming tired of the chase, the sun decided not to rise. The flowers wilted, the air turned cold and the crops refused to grow.

Enraged that he’d just disappeared without warning – torturing her foolishly with a pathetic game of hide-and-seek – the moon decided to play too. That evening she stayed in the shadows. The heavens closed, the waves halted and all of the animals hid.

For a brief moment in time, everything stopped. It all went black. For their love was what made the world go round.

After this great realisation, they forgave, they forgot. They laughed and they loved, pouring their all back into one another’s hearts, minds, souls, and all of their common goals. Celebrating and accepting their unconventional but constant love.

This energy radiated all around, as far enough to reach those on the ground. And, forever more, the days and nights became more beautiful than they’d ever been before.


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