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How to choose between a mid-year and academic diary

Learn the difference between them so you can find the one for you.


When looking for a diary to plan our days on paper, we often immediately think of fresh January starts and calendar year styles. But with lives that work to so many different schedules, deadlines and dates, there are alternative options to suit every kind of lifestyle. Meet the mid-year diary and academic diary to find out how to choose the pages that work for you.

How to choose the right diary for you

Maybe you’re a student or teacher who needs space for timetables, revision dates and dedicated marking deadlines, or you could be just about anyone else that wants to reset their year at the halfway point. When a traditional yearly view just won’t do, there are two options to cater to your specific needs – the academic year diary and the mid-year diary.

But first of all, what are the similarities between the two? They’re both designed in a handy A5 size, making them the ideal desk companion, or an easy option to throw in your bag for a day on the move. Within a hardback cover, both include 96 leaves – or 192 sides – of lovely 85gsm pages, perfect for jotting all sorts of goals, ideas and to-dos whenever inspiration strikes.

The first thing that’s different is the dates. Our mid-year diaries run from June to August, setting you up for a full year from around the midway point, while our academic diaries are inspired by the start dates for schools, universities, and colleges, allowing you just enough time ahead to get prepped before the new term begins.


Tips and tricks for using your mid-year diary

Monday 26th June 2023 - Sunday 4th August 2024

See the bigger picture with a year view

For when you want to plan ahead or take a look back on how far you’ve come, we’ve added a helpful year-view calendar to your new diary. Enjoy a fresh look at the 12-months ahead on one clean page, and fill out each and every date in a way that works for you.

Write down things to see and do each month

It’s always useful to take note of the places you hope to visit, dates to remember and people to catch up with, so we’ve added a column to help you do just that. That way, you won’t miss out on the little things that bring you joy and make each month of the year that little bit brighter.

Set monthly goals, note dates, wish lists, and to-dos

Of course, there’s plenty of space in your mid-year diary for all-important dates so you don’t double-book plans, but it’s equally important to save a calming page or two for just you and your pen.

With this in mind, we’ve allocated room for you to note down monthly goals and keep track of them throughout the year. You may be starting a little later than January, but remember, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen. Plus, there’s space for wish lists and to-dos, too, so no big ideas for the future get forgotten.

Plan details Monday to Sunday with weekly views

Yearly overviews are a handy tool, but sometimes you need to take a closer look. That’s why we’ve also included weekly views, so you can take notes every day in a little more detail. Plot plans, note appointment reminders, then add in the fun stuff too like holidays and parties to keep every week in perfect balance.

Jot important dates and names on dedicated pages

We’ve added a space for your top-dialled contacts and most memorable occasions, because as champions of the power of pen and paper – we know technology can let us down! There’s space for the addresses you need to remember too, so spontaneous gifts and cards sent to loved ones in the post can stay a surprise until they hit their doormat.

Paper styles for every kind of note

Empty your mind on a mix of blank, lined and dotted pages – ideal for on-the-go scrawls and scribbles you don’t want to risk forgetting. Write deskside reminders or draw on the move to illustrate your thoughts when words fail you, always there to inspire new ideas later down the line.


How teachers can use an academic diary

As an educator, it's easy to feel overwhelmed – planning lessons, remembering assignments and keeping track of classes. Not to mention managing the other parts of your life outside of teaching. An academic diary is a multi-purpose tool that can help you feel more in control. Use the monthly overview pages to break down each term into more manageable chunks, noting the deadlines you and your students need to make. Keep track of your finances and favourite meals to ensure the rest of your life remains in balance. And when things feel overwhelming, don't forget to write about the wins – you're making a difference in the lives of so many young people, so don't forget to celebrate your achievements by writing them down.

How to get the most from your academic diary

Monday 31st July 2023 - Sunday 4th August 2024

Get started by jotting your personal details

Start each new academic year with a refreshed about me page – an easy space to keep up-to-date for the twelve months ahead. Add your home address and contact details should your diary ever go missing, plus those of your GP, emergency contact and your college or university. Pop in a recent photo, or if you’re feeling artistic, sketch your own self-portrait in its dedicated space.

Space for organising your new timetable

Getting into the rhythm of a new weekly schedule can be tricky to do, so we’ve added a place to jot down where you should be – and what time you need to be there! – to avoid any unexpected mix-ups. There’s a place to write down dates, notes, and term details to make it easier to stay on top of each week, Monday-Friday.


Keep track of important deadlines

Because we know you may have multiple courses to study at once or clashing deadlines to work in unison, we’ve tailored some pages to help you record what’s due and when. Your space for assignments, exams and tracking grades works as a visual place to keep an eye on what’s coming up and reflect on how you’re getting on so far.

A finance tracker for brilliant budgeting

To help you gain clarity and control over your budget, we’ve devised the perfect pages to fine-tune your finances. Simply jot down what you’re working with, and how long you intend to make it last, and remember to update every time you earn or spend. There’s also space to make any necessary adjustments on squared paper sheets made for quick calculations.

Overviews to help you stay on track all year

The art of balancing studies with a packed schedule while still finding time for a social life can often mean living from week to week. So, we thought it important to include a space to step back and admire the deadlines and assignments you’ve already conquered, plus countdown the weeks to your next celebratory milestone – whether that’s a holiday you’ve been craving or celebrations following your final exams. Yearly overview pages allow you to highlight and colour code your most important weeks, or circle must-remember dates before going into more detail later on monthly or weekly breakdowns.

Pages for goals, to-dos, dates & notes of gratitude

Set yourself up for the next four weeks with pages made for manifesting a magic month. There’s space to take note of your goals, to-dos, and key dates ahead, as well as a half-page ready for whatever words are on your mind. Importantly, we’ve added a place for self-reflection and gratitude, that you can revisit later throughout the month on those days deadlines are getting you down.

A place to take note of must-repeat recipes

Whether it's simple lunches to batch cook in prep for a busy week, or crowd-pleasing meals your housemates all love, we all have those recipes we turn to time again. Make them easier to recreate or pass on to a friend, by jotting down a simple step-by-step method and ingredients list.

Capture memories that have made your year unforgettable

Take time to reflect on the best days of each academic year, by writing down highlights on what we like to think of as your own personalised yearbook. It doesn’t have to be anything to do with your grades, but it can be if you like! We think stories of nights out, the friends you’ve met and the experiences you’ve shared are priceless, and it’s important to make time for a little play amongst all the hard work. Ask your friends to add their most cherished shared memories in words – or even a snapshot from a really great day – to make it something you’ll keep for decades to come.

Feeling ready to choose the diary for you? Shop mid-year diaries and academic-year diaries this way.

Pages to organise your days

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