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Ideas for your summer bucket list

How to use pen and paper to plan a noteworthy summer.

Ideas for your summer bucket list

Summer is a time for slowing down, rewriting your to-do lists to focus on relaxation, exploration and enjoying the company of friends and family. With the help of your summer stationery, you can write your own bucket list, filled with ways to make the most of blue-sky days. We love a good list, so we’ve provided you with some ideas to start filling the pages of your mid-year diary, journal or personalised notebook.

Refresh DAILY habits

In summer, it’s easier to find motivation to build some healthier habits. Our mid-year diaries have an area dedicated to setting fresh habits each month, plus space to reflect on the month as a whole. A wellness journal is also a wonderful place to set out goals to make you feel good. Here are some habits we’ll be trying to build into our summer routines:

  • Take a mindful morning walk in the sunshine
  • Set aside a “wellness hour” in your diary to do something just for you
  • Staying hydrated with a jug of water & sliced summer fruits on your desk
  • Plan to set aside screens once the sun has set
  • Reflect on your day by writing all that you’re grateful for – from holiday plans to your local leafy park


Try something NEW

With longer days and lighter nights, there’s even more time to try something new. Our notebooks are the perfect blank space for you to dedicate to a new passion. Whether you’re looking for something to stimulate your mind, body or soul – a notebook can help you make it happen. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take up a visual art, such as painting, photography or pottery
  • Start practising a new language and take notes on paper
  • Join a local community dance class & write notes about the steps
  • Take up an instrument like guitar or piano
  • Get crafty – try scrapbooking, sewing or knitting

TRAVEL to new destinations

It’s the season to get away – whether that’s physically or mentally. If you’re able, summer is the perfect time to plan a holiday in a travel journal. If you’d rather stay closer to home, a reading journal can help you travel to faraway places with the pages of a book. These are some of our favourite ideas to help you escape this summer:

  • Read a book about somewhere you’ve never been
  • Plan a day trip or an adventure in nature nearby
  • Organise your ideal holiday – book it or save it as a dream
  • Start a book club with friends & meet outside
  • Disappear into your imagination by writing a short story



While winter is a time to cosy up alone, summer can bring people closer together. If you’re planning on organising a get-together with friends or family, food is the perfect uniting force. Gather exciting meals you want to try in a recipe journal, then turn to the pages whenever you need inspiration. Here’s how we’ll be gathering this summer:

  • Host a potluck picnic with family – inviting everyone to swap recipes notecards
  • Get involved in a community club, such as tennis or swimming
  • Plan a dinner party with local friends – doing different courses at different houses
  • Organise an old-school sports day with colleagues
  • Host a journaling workshop in the park with friends

BOOKS to help you start your bucket list

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