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What's inside our undated daily diary?

The key to flexible planning has arrived.

What's inside our undated daily diary?

Sticking to a diary can sometimes feel like a burden. Each of your days are different, and can be unpredictable, so organising them should feel relaxed and flexible. Our new undated daily diary helps you plan without pressure, using a laid-back page-a-day structure. Fill in the dates as you go, ticking off quick to-dos and putting top priorities on paper. It’s also our biggest book yet, with 365 planning pages, to see you through a whole year of plans. There’s even a little extra to jot down whatever you wish.

In this guide, we open up our undated daily diary to show you the wonders of leisurely planning. Read on to find out exactly what’s inside, as well as inspiration for how you might use it.

A date-free schedule

Fill in the date, plan the day. Our undated daily diary has been designed to keep productivity simple. From the monthly views to the 365 daily planning pages, you’re in control. Each page has 3 sections – schedule, priorities and to-dos – so you can pick out the key moments of the day and do the things that are most important. With a page-a-day diary structure everything is done at your pace, and you can plan completely without pressure.

Daily diary

Page by page, day by day

Everyone’s routine is different, so we designed our undated daily diary to cater to that. All of the daily planning pages are to be filled at your leisure, whenever you need them. Perhaps there’s a specific day in the week where you’re juggling work, shopping, school drop-offs etc, and it feels a bit hectic. Add the date and digest the day on one simple page – no more, no less. Not only is this more manageable, it means you can tackle each day with a completely fresh mindset.

Productive work, productive downtime

Planning shouldn’t just apply to the days you need to get things done. Whether you’re working or studying, maximising time off is just as important too. Set out meetings, workload and meal plans, but why not also organise holiday itineraries, steady staycations, or fulfil a relaxing day off – because there’s nothing worse than needing a break after you’ve had a break. Making the most of downtime will help keep your mind refreshed and turn days that feel like a blur into a breeze.

Our biggest, most budget-friendly book

Our undated daily diary is our biggest book yet. On top of the 365 daily planning pages, there’s 12 monthly overviews and extra space for notes at the back, taking the grand total up to 400. This gives you a year's worth of pages, to plan consecutively or pick up and put down when you need to. There’s a range of beautiful designs to choose from too, including familiar favourites as well as styles from our new Surreal collection – all free to personalise.

Excited to put pen to paper on our newest pages? Explore our undated daily diaries and get set for a year of simple, flexible planning.

Pages for every kind of DAY

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