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Kids' Party Food Recipes from Lunch Lady

Delicious ideas for excitable little ones with our favourite Aussie mag.

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Christina Forman @ Papier

We’d highly recommend Australian food and family magazine Lunch Lady – whether or not you ever cook for kids. With creatives Louise Bannister and Lara Burke at the helm of its thoughtful design and fun content, it aims to inspire your cooking, give you ideas on simple recipes, and take you beyond food with its worldly articles and ideas for fun things to do with the family. Safe to say, we love it.

Where other magazines may stop at ideas for taco fillings, the team at Lunch Lady would take that recipe and run with it until it’s a fully decorated Mexican fiesta feature with articles on how to make piñatas, and basic Spanish lessons.

They’ve very kindly leant us some of their favourite recipe ideas for delicious children's birthdays that we’ve photographed alongside a few of our fun personalised party invitations. Louise and Lara’s tip for a kids' party? "Be creative with the goody bags! Think twice about filling them with plastic toys destined for the landfill and instead include something like a packet of sunflower seeds."

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Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pop Tarts and Raspberry & Peach Pop Tarts
Louise says: "These look great and are a bit of a novelty!"

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Lentil Rolls and Shortbread Face Biscuits
"The Lentil rolls are so delicious, healthy and everyone can eat them. Fussy kids seem to love these as well. While the face biscuits are super simple, super cute, and easy to make with kids too. Get creative with expressions!"

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Vanilla Cake with frosting and Homemade Sprinkles
"A good one for the main event – who doesn’t like a vanilla cake!"

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