Love Letters by Laura Jane Williams

Author Laura Jane Williams pens this exclusive short story.


Laura Jane Williams



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Here’s your cardigan back, cleaned and pressed by the professionals. I can’t apologise enough for the mess of it all in the first place. I suppose if you must insist on making a man laugh as he tucks into his mini sausage roll that is what happens! Anyway. Not to be bold, but it was truly lovely to meet you at the engagement party, and I hope that I might get a second bash at impressing you properly come the wedding, if not before.

Apologetically, and have a lovely Christmas,


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I borrowed the return address of your letter to me last year to write and say: please accept my thanks for such a wonderful weekend. I think Dora and Erika had a really special day, and you made a brilliant best man. I still burst out laughing when I think of your moves on the dancefloor. It was coy of me not to give you my number after that kiss, and so here I am, begging forgiveness and wondering if you’d like to get a drink before Dora’s birthday party next week, if you’re travelling down for it. I’ll be at the Dog & Rabbit at 7 with friends.

Yours in hope,


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It’s wonderful to be home but Edinburgh has lost its shine, even in the sun, now I’m so far from you. Extending my trip was brilliant, but more time together means it feels like there’s more to miss. What a blessing and a curse! I know we said no promises, and that what will be will be but... you know. You’re on my mind. I’ve enclosed my copy of Any Human Heart. Write your thoughts in the margins for me, so I know what you think. You can give it back to me in person…



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Erika got a bunch of photos printed from our trip and I wanted to send you this one. I like it. I think we look…happy. Happy is good! I’m enjoying being happy with you, even if we do it mostly from opposite ends of the country. I have to admit though, I do rather like it when we’re in the same city. I wonder how we can do more of that…

Thinking of you until I see you next, whenever that might be. No promises - I know, I know…

Betty x

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I was an absolute fool for the way I left things. I panicked. I hate that we’ve not talked, and the texts I’ve tried to send bounced back. I’ve been miserable without you. When I said those words, it was such a scary thing. A leap of faith. And when you faltered and didn’t say ‘I love you’ back, my pride took a bruising. I should never have punished you for wanting to arrive to the same conclusion in your own time. I’m an idiot! I love you, and I still do. I don’t need you to say it back. The past three weeks have been horrid. Let’s work this out. Call me, please. I’m yours – if you’ll still have me.

J x

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Enclosed are two sets of keys to the new flat. I’ll meet you there at 6, avec champagne. I hope you’re going to carry me over the threshold! Everyone else is going to come at 7, and I said we’d just order pizza. Pizza and bubbles seems like the best house-warming we could ask for, don’t you think?

I love you. I can’t believe that you’re mine. I know this is all so crazy, but, well – I’m crazy for you!

See you Friday,

B xx

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