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Plan. Pause. Play: What Do You Need Right Now?

After such an extraordinarily routine-shaking, thought-provoking and emotionally challenging 2020 – what exactly do you need this year and beyond? Some of us are craving rest, some of us need fun, some of us are feeling more inspired than ever. Find out what page you’re on with our fun flowchart quiz below and the stationery you need for your mood.

flow chart hpg UPDATE.jpg

Ready to plan?
Check out our tips on how to get stuff done with a productivity planner. We’ve got handy hacks to make your plans, goals and to-dos come true. Or read our interview with By Rotation founder Eshita Kabra-Davies for advice on turning your passion project into a reality.

Need to pause?
Slow down with our lovely designer Beth McLoughlin and discover the benefits of wellness journalling. Or plant yourself down with urban gardener Claire Ratinon as she discusses how reconnecting with nature and growing your own food brings peace of mind.

Time to play?
This way for fun. A few Papier pals inspire us with creative things to do with a blank page.

Shop stationery for new beginnings and a fresh work-life balance that’s set by you.