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How to Get Stuff Done with our Daily Planner

Handy hacks to make your plans, goals and to-dos come true.

How to Get Stuff Done with our Daily Planner

For most of us, working from home is a new way of life – and one that looks like it’s sticking around for the future. Our days are more fluid now, no longer structured by the morning commute and routines of the past, so it’s up to us to really make the most of the hours in our week and stay productive.

Our daily planner is here to help – it’s perfect for plotting and tracking passion projects, daily tasks and longer-term goals. Scroll on for our tips on making the most of the pages in your planner for maximum productivity.

1. Shape your to-do list
Whilst it’s useful to get all of your to-dos down on the page, an endless stream of tasks can feel overwhelming and unmanageable – shaping your to-do list is the secret. Start by shifting tasks to relevant days of the week. For example, if you need to complete something small for Friday afternoon, schedule it in your to-do list for Wednesday or Thursday rather than extending Monday’s to-dos. Our top tip: separate out three crucial to-dos you must get done each day from the rest of the tasks you’d like to complete. This way, every day you’ll have a doable number of things to achieve alongside anything urgent that crops up – and anything else you tick off is a bonus!

Best pages in the daily planner for this: It’s really easy to prioritise to-dos in the Weekly Overview sections.


2. Break down your goals
Be realistic when setting goals and what you can achieve in a given time frame. It’s productive to dream big, but all goals need to be broken down into a few, digestible steps. Try to juggle a reasonable number of goals (three is always our magic number) and note down the steps for this week, this month and the future you need to take to get there.

Best pages in the daily planner for this: The dedicated Goal pages at the start of your planner.

3. Be reflective
Optimum productivity is about looking back as much as looking forwards. Take moments throughout your week, month and year to step back and assess what you’ve achieved so far. Jot down how you’re feeling about where you’re at and what’s left to do. Write down any obstacles so far and the next steps to overcome them.

Best pages in the daily planner for this: The Goal Review pages towards the back of your planner are there to encourage you to reflect.

4. Make it visual & personal
Your planner should feel like a trusty friend – there to help you out, not stress you out. Simple tricks like using a blue, rather than black, pen because it feels a little friendlier or adding doodles or motivational quotes will make it a more engaging place. Include details to make your pages feel more personal and less monotonous. For instance: “Grilled halloumi & avo salad” scribbled in for 1pm will lift your mood and, in turn, help productivity way more than boring old “Lunch.”

Best pages in the planner for this: You can bring a little ‘you’ to every page!


5. Recognise positive routines, allow room for movement
When it comes to scheduling your day in your planner, take note of routines that increase productivity and embrace them. For example, if you are your best self after starting the day with a yoga session, plot one in every morning. Or if you know you usually like to stop for a 15 minutes tea break and snack for an energy boost at 3ish, pencil this in too and be sure to take it.

Best pages in the daily planner for this: The Schedule column in the Weekly Overview sections.

6. Be kind
Celebrate victories in your planner, no matter how big or small. If you're using habit trackers to keep a note of things going for a daily walk or journaling one sentence every night before bed, remember to treat yourself when you keep them up. And don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t, a fresh page awaits you for a fresh start next week.

Best pages in the daily planner for this: Goal Review pages and the little ‘Notes’ sections throughout.

Feeling inspired to get stuff done? Pick up one of our daily planners for your grand plans, goals and daily to-dos.

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