The Big Day

Why I Want to Marry… a Croissant

Our copywriter’s wedding vows to her beloved buttery babe.


Jennie Watson @ Papier


Peggy & Kate

Dum dum da dum. Dum dum daa dumm. Oh, how we’ve learnt about love this year. There’s nothing like a global pandemic to help you realise who your heart truly pangs for. For me, it’s my pastry. I’ve recently discovered that all of the qualities I am hungry for in a life partner can actually be found in a croissant. Oui, oui, the inanimate baked good you’d typically munch on for petit déjeuner.

So without further ado, I present to you: the marital vows to the puffy, fluffy love of my life...

~ Wedding vows to my little croissant ~

I take you, darling croissant, to be my partner in life
To have and to hold every morn’ from this day forth
To cherish and to honour from the bottom of my belly

I promise to love you on good days and crusty days too
I vow to stay loyal (Pain au raisin, who?)

Thank you for nourishing me
For filling me up with flakes of joy
And for never coming in that heartache flavour

Your glorious curves, your perfectly oven-baked tan
My appetite for you is enough to make this world spin round

You do to me what great lovers do…
...whisk me away from the everyday
...invite me to dream when I’m wide awake at my desk
You give me this glow as though I’ve swallowed a tiny crescent moon

For better or worse, till death devourment do us part
I will love you for the rest of our days, buttery babe
I have you and you have my heart

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