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1st Wedding Anniversary (Paper) Gift Ideas

Amongst all the many wedding and marriage traditions, there's none we love more than a paper anniversary. Can you blame us? Showing your love for that first year of wedded bliss with paper-based presents. Heaven. If it was up to us, every wedding anniversary would be paper. (Ok, maybe we'd take golden and diamond.) So, here are six ideas for paper anniversary gifts.

Couple's Notecards

To our eyes (and hearts) there's no truer declaration of love than personalising a set of couple's notecards. Your names entwined in print, perhaps engraved or with a golden touch of foiling. It's a gift to share and a tangible representation of your joint life together.


This is one for the big and small spenders. Perhaps tickets to a gig of your partner's favourite band, train tickets for a weekend away, or even plane tickets for a far-flung holiday/the honeymoon you never got to go on. Just remember if you buy digital tickets, print them off before you give them, otherwise it doesn't count as a paper anniversary gift. And framing the tickets after the event can be a lovely memento.

A Personalised Notebook

What could be a more romantic gift than elegantly designed stationery? Maybe we're a little biased but receiving a beautiful notebook or planner with our name on it is a real heart string tugger. Even more so when you know that your other half has spent time deciding on the perfect design for your personality, choosing the font and colours until it's just right. Or even personalised it with a special message.

A Beautiful Book

If your partner is a book worm they'll likely be enamoured with a dog-eared, second hand paperback but a paper anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to splash out on a special edition that you wouldn't otherwise buy. Like a signed copy or first edition of their favourite book. And make sure to write a loving note and the date in the first page.

A Romantic Anniversary Card (with special invitation)

A little love note to show your appreciation never goes amiss but why not also turn your message into an invitation to your loved one for a special anniversary day you've planned for them. You can personalise your message and layout in an anniversary card to do just that.

An Illustrated Print

Commissioning an illustrator to paint a fun picture of the pair of you or a drawing of your wedding venue are both lovely gestures. And one that will keep raising a smile of happy memories every time you walk past it hanging on your wall.

personalised photo book first wedding anniversary gift

A Personalised Photo Book

Creating a keep-forever photo album featuring some of your favourite moments together shows just how much you care. Add sweet captions alongside your pictures, like the song that was playing at the time the photo was taken or funny in-jokes between the two of you.


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