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Welcome to wellness

Pen and paper has all sorts of powers. It’s especially good at providing a space to pause and put your inner thoughts and feelings onto the page. Simply put, it invites mindful moments into your routine. A calming escape from screens, a rare chance to check-in with ourselves.

Our wellness journals

A space dedicated to your self-care, our 12-week wellness journal is designed to help you approach each day with a fresh page and a fresh mind. Inside, you can organise your thoughts into wellness intentions, set feel-good goals and track habits, like sleep patterns, water intake and your daily mood. There are pages to list what you want to read, watch, hear and do. Pages for hearty, healthy food. And pages for any other thoughts. Key purpose: To help you tune into how you’re feeling, spot patterns and note the things that make you feel good.

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No matter how much or little you have to say that day, journaling is call to pause. A deeply grounding process.
Wellness map
At the start of journal, scribble down any hopes and thoughts in regards to your wellbeing.
Daily check-ins
Set intentions for each day, track habits, note down thoughts, and what you’re feeling thankful for.
Feel-good goals
Write down personal goals for the soul and the small steps you need to take to get there.
Gratitude journals

A space for appreciation, our gratitude journal helps make thankfulness a habit. There are five month’s worth of daily prompts encouraging you to reflect on all that you’re grateful for – no matter how big or small. We’ve scattered uplifting affirmations throughout to help you find joy on both good days and bad, as well as mindful writing and colouring activities. Forcing positivity isn’t positive, so we’ve left the pages undated for you to fill out as and when you like. Key purpose: To help you recognise who and what you’re grateful for in life.

Find your gratitude journal
Daily gratitude prompts
Note down three things you’re grateful for each morning and evening. (Don’t worry if you skip a day or two.)
30-day reflection pages
Take time to take stock. Look back on the each month and record feelings, lessons and moments to remember.
Mindful activities
Write letters to yourself and try colouring exercises to visualise and balance the different areas of your life.
“Our wellness & gratitude journals are designed to work in harmony”

Whether you go for plain, dotted or lined pages inside, our notebooks offer a flexible space for self-expression and organisation which can help to reduce stress. Bullet journaling, list-making, goal-setting, scribbling, poetry, doodling – try your hand at whatever feels good for you.

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Ways to reconnect
Notecards to check-in with those you love
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Keeping calm and organised with a good list
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Daily planners for taking control of your routine
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Try the satisfaction of a desk planner
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