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A guide to Papier’s sleep journal

Unveil the mysteries of sleep patterns with pen and paper.

A guide to Papier’s sleep journal

“Sleep isn’t a chore – it’s your friend.

– Dr. Jade Wu, sleep psychologist

Noteworthy days start with a good night’s sleep. Yet while we can recognise the importance of rest, it’s often something that eludes us. Our relationship with sleep can be fraught with issues – from unhelpful habits to simple misconceptions. It’s why we’ve partnered with Dr Jade Wu to develop our new sleep journal, a 12-week guided journey to reawaken your routines and achieve more refreshing rest.

A behavioural sleep specialist, Dr Jade believes that cherishing rest is an essential part of living up to our fullest potential. Sleep is not just a way to fill the night’s hours, but a state that allows us to unlock the beauty and mysteries of life – contemplation, dreams and transformation. It’s important to appreciate sleep as though it were a helpful friend, rather than an overwhelming burden. Our sleep journal is designed to be a judgement-free zone supported by science – a space to learn, reflect and explore.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you make the most of your sleep journal, so you can restart your relationship with rest and achieve more with every waking hour.

The science of sleep

The science of sleep has skyrocketed in recent years. Dr Jade first became interested in the discipline when her father was researching astronauts and their sleep changes during space flight. Our sleep diary has been designed with the latest science on sleep and health behavioural research. The way we rest impacts every part of our health – both physical and mental – along with contributing to our creativity and ability to learn new skills. During sleep, your brain practises new things you’ve learned — like serving a tennis ball or playing piano — and you wake up better at this skill than when you went to bed. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so important to sleep deeply.

sleep journal

“Rest is not the empty space between tasks. It is the ocean between continents—the very thing that sustains life.”
– Dr Jade Wu

Your sleep style

Everyone’s relationship with rest is unique to them. While we understand how important it is, we may not realise the day-to-day choices we make that are impacting our ability to have a restful night. The first part of your journal is a self-assessment, designed to help you get a holistic view of where you stand with sleep.

It’s not just what we do at night, but what we do during the day that can impact our sleep patterns. Once you have an understanding of your current habits and behaviours, it’s easier to see where you can improve in the following weeks. Make sure you choose a sleep journal that feels like you, and personalise the cover with your name. You’re more likely to make journaling a daily habit with a dreamy design you’ll want to pick up.

Pages at your pace

The twelve weeks’ worth of pages contain a mix of journaling prompts, science and skills that align with a different theme. From sleep sabotages to dreaming, each week offers you more information about your own ability to switch off. You’re welcome to fill the journal at your own pace, but try to go through each topic in one to two weeks to keep up the momentum.

You’ll begin with self-reflection, assessing how one aspect of your sleep is going for you. Each week, the pages have morning and evening prompts and checklists. These range from how many hours you’re resting, to things that may be affecting your sleep quality, such as caffeine, exercise and screen time.

The idea is to slowly build a better understanding of your relationship to rest, with bite-sized pieces of educational content that you can gradually incorporate into your life. It’s about bringing sleep to the forefront of your mind, introducing helpful practices into your everyday routine. If you want to continue building healthy habits with pen and paper, check out our range of gratitude journals and wellness journals.

Sustainable sleep

We all have the power to reset our relationship with rest. Our sleep journal isn’t a set of rules or restrictions, but rather a paper tool to help you connect with your mindset, your habits and yourself. Taking a few moments each day to self-reflect will help you pursue a peaceful sleep routine, from midnight dreams to morning stretch. More satisfying sleep allows you to show up in the world to your fullest potential, cultivating the kind of life you dream of.

Ready to make sleep your friend? Discover our collection of sleep journals for yourself or someone who needs a better relationship with rest.

Snuggle up with a sleep journal

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