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Back to work essentials

Our tips and paper picks to help you return to your routine

Back to work essentials

Get back into the swing of things with fresh work stationery that brings fun and function. That back to work feeling isn’t easy to find after a lengthy break, but there’s nothing like a blank first page to inject some excitement into your restart. To inspire you even further, lots of our pieces offer the chance to add a bit of ‘you’ to them. Carry your character and turn the walk to your next meeting into a stride with a personalised design. Prepare your desk and plan in focus for September and beyond.

Refresh your work return

As Summer heads out, structure comes back in. Unlike the gradual changing of the seasons, however, the return to work brings an overloaded email inbox and abrupt sleep adjustment. This can feel particularly overwhelming. Picking up a planner or notebook can deflate any congestion in your mind, as once the thoughts are on paper they don’t have to keep circling in your head. Whether it’s a job you know or don’t know, getting back into the ‘work’ zone requires being patient with yourself – don’t expect to snap into action on your first day. Breaking down life’s grand return will help to manage things on, and away from, your desk.

Plan daily, or as much as you’d like

Our daily planners give you planning without pressure. Although there are structures for weekly and monthly organisation, tracking personal progress, and space for setting priorities – you’ll find them all on undated pages. This means you can dip in and out whenever you need to. The planner opens on a mind map to help you view your goals holistically, acting as a reference point during your time with the book. You can then check in with these, as well as write down positive moments to remember, in the ‘notes to reflect’ spaces throughout the planner. Going back to work often means time becomes a premium, but setting 10 paper-based minutes aside a day can provide you with the nourishing moments your mind needs.

Desk planners, pens and accessories

When working at your desk there’s lots of useful items to have in reach. For ease of use, place a desk planner close by to jot little reminders and simple to-dos. This will help keep things like activities, food shopping, and pick up times in mind during busy days. Split up sections of work using index tabs, put down sticky notes to leave quick messages, attach a pen clip to your book so you’re always able to pick up where you left off. As well as providing function, our pieces will brighten your desk setup too with a range of curated designs and colours available. Small changes can make big differences to your productivity at work and relieve stress in the process.


Work well, no matter where

Hybrid working is now a prominent part of our routines. Days away from the office help to break up the week, eliminating commutes and giving you some extra time in bed, but it has placed more importance on your ‘work from home’ setup. Ensure you have everything you need wherever you call ‘home’ so that you can seamlessly change from office to abode. Most of our stationery can travel with you – from lightweight notebooks and daily planners, to neat pocket-sized accessories – so you can work confidently no matter the environment.

Stationery tailored by you

Most of our books offer the chance to add a bit of ‘you’ to them. Personalising your stationery not only makes it harder to lose, it also allows you to show off some character. Add your name, a nickname, a phrase, or even a joke. Whatever you choose, enjoy playing around a bit before committing to what you brand your book with. As thoughts turn to heading back to work, why not return with something that gets the office talking? Carrying around a piece of your personality will give you confidence as well as encourage you to put pen to paper.

Set them up for a good start

If you know someone who will be stepping into an office for the first time, give them the gift of stationery to help them make a good first impression. Entering a new workplace can feel quite daunting and a bit like you’re constantly playing catch up. Much like a new character entering season 4 of a TV show, it’s not easy to make an impact on your unfamiliar audience. Between meeting fresh faces, doing inductions and getting to grips with an unknown way of working, having something familiar close by feels reassuring. Personalisation of our books comes free – so send them something that means more to ease any first day fears.

Work should flow

Work is a place for you to follow professional progress but also hopefully enjoy. Staying relaxed while working will help you focus and tackle each day smoothly. The pressure to ‘deliver’ at work will likely always loom, and although stationery won’t do the job for you it will certainly support you to do it the best you can. Whether it’s a daily planner, desk planner, notebook or other Papier piece, putting thoughts to paper means they’re no longer a part of the juggling act in your head. With more space to think you can maximise your productivity and glide through those to-dos – giving you more time for family, friends and hobbies. Work is work, but that’s where it should stay.

Ready to get set for going back to work? Find the essentials for you and ease back into the office – don’t forget to add personalisation. If you’re in need of more inspiration, take a peek at our back to work edit for a full view of the work essentials we have on offer.

Pieces primed for work

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