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How to get the most out of your daily planner

A mindful way to take note, dream big and achieve.

How to get the most out of your daily planner

Want to make this year your most productive yet? Your Papier daily planner is ready to start when you are. From plotting passion projects to keeping track of long-term goals, put pen to paper on undated pages at a pace that works for you. Here’s how to make the most of yours.

Put ambitions into words on a mind map

Look to the future and start by writing down goals, no matter how big. This is your place to manifest and let your thoughts flow, you’ll have time and space to think about the details a little later on. Whether it’s a career change, travel plans, or well-being overhaul, plot out dream achievements without fear of judgement or question. Your mind map page is the place to make it happen.

Break down goals on dedicated pages in your daily planner

Now you’ve defined your goals, let’s break them down. Big changes can feel overwhelming, so dividing those supersized ambitions into smaller, more tangible ones can make them easier to manage and help you feel you’re moving forward. Pick three goals from your mind map, then break them down into steps for this week, this month and the future. Reflect back on dedicated pages every four weeks to stay on track.

Use weekly overviews to plan and prioritise

For those times your to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter, our weekly overview pages are your new best friend. Spread commitments and plans across the week, with a handy space to prioritise those non-negotiable tasks. Plotting the next seven days in your daily planner can be a great way to map out and reassess what’s ahead while putting you back in control of even the busiest of months.


"Find power in reflection, by noting down how you've felt"

Track new habits and reflect on your progress

Made for finding time for daily meditation, writing down meal plans or committing to a better sleep routine, there’s a place to put your new habits down in words to hold yourself accountable. And it’s not all about looking ahead. Find power in reflection, by noting down how you’ve felt in the week gone by – a place to validate your emotions, whatever they are. With extra lined pages ready for what’s on your mind, there’s space for shopping lists, written reminders, or details to remember.

Celebrate achievements on goal review pages

In the spirit of reflection, it’s important to acknowledge your journey to date. Look back on how far you’ve already come on pages to review your achievements of all shapes and sizes. Congratulating yourself on making progress, starting new rituals, or kicking unhealthy habits could be all the motivation you need to push forward with confidence. Remember to always find time to enjoy the moment as you watch your goals unfold.

Ready to write your next chapter to a schedule that suits you? Start jotting 16 weeks of to-dos, lists and learnings with your pick of our daily planners today.

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