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How to create the perfect wedding menu cards

How to create the perfect wedding menu cards

Your wedding is a wonderful occasion like no other. A memorable day, with an even more memorable meal. Wedding menu cards not only inform your guests what they’re going to eat, they also add to your style, adorn your table, and give your guests a memento from the day to take home.

At Papier, we understand the importance of getting each detail right on your big day. With us, your first sample pack of wedding stationery is always free – simply use code FIRSTLOVE at checkout. Experience a curated range of our designs in your hands, getting a feel for different sizes, details and textures. Keep in mind your chosen theme and pick the menu cards that will elevate your vision.

This guide delves into wedding menu cards to match your chosen style, as well as inspire what you might serve on your big day. For more enticing info, head to one of our other articles on wedding paper pieces.

Why use paper menu cards?

Food is a huge part of your wedding day. Whether it’s a meal guests have chosen or a set menu, informing your loved ones about what’s ahead gets them excited to sit down and tuck in. With our menu cards, you can even handwrite your guests’ dishes for an informative and meaningful touch. Paper menu cards are an opportunity to add more of your chosen style into the wedding day experience too. Explore our range of delightful designs, and find the perfect paper keepsakes for your guests to enjoy on the day and beyond.

What’s on the menu?

What will you choose to tuck into on your big day? Deciding on the meal itself is another important decision, and it’s often useful to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. What would you like them to smell, taste and experience? People like to learn before their first bite, so perhaps there’s something you can teach them about the two of you. Maybe your dish is inspired by a memory, like a trip away you took together or a dish you both fell in love with. Whatever you decide on, you can match the paper details to the style of your meal. Sharing this with your guests is a thoughtful way to give them an insight into your life and relationship.

Your food and style should go hand in hand

Consider your wedding day theme. Is it rustic, traditional, formal, informal? The structure of your meal will help to bring this to life. If your guests are being seated and served you’ll be building a more formal style, whereas a buffet invites a bit more freedom. You should also consider the venue itself, as the space you’re eating in will add to the immersive experience you create. We have a range of menu cards to suit all kinds of themes. There’s typographic for chic city weddings, bright florals for garden nuptials or simple styles for more intimate occasions. Many of our designs are hand-painted by our team to feel extra personal. Don’t forget to order a free sample of your menu cards to feel the quality of our pieces in your own hands. Discovering the size, shape and detail of your chosen paper details will help you pick the perfect style to adorn your tables with.

Put it on paper

Paper menu cards mean so much more. Not only are you visually building on your celebration style, you’re also adding a tactile element for your guests to engage with. They can feel and appreciate the beautiful quality and textures you have chosen, giving an extra feeling of joy on your big day. Why not go a step further with personalised wedding menus? Add the names of your guests and the special date to complete a paper token they can take home and treasure forever.

A meal you won’t want to forget

Once your magical day has passed, you won’t want to forget a single moment. A recipe journal is a wonderful way to remember the meal you shared on your wedding day, as well as any other culinary memories you have together. Inside, there’s space to write your favourite recipes and include every special detail. Perhaps you’ll recreate the meal for your anniversary, or share it with someone who couldn’t make it along to the big day. Once it’s on paper, you can treasure it forever. Personalise your journal with something to symbolise the two of you, or another newly wed couple to give as a thoughtful gift.

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