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How to Marble Paper

A GIF guide to creating colourful marble designs.

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Paper marbling is a fun and crafty way to make random yet sophisticated designs. It's how we created our marble stationery, and the same method that artist Katie Leamon uses in a lot of her work. You don’t need much to do it at home and with endless possibilities of patterns and colours to be made quite easily, it’s endlessly satisfying.

To get you started on your marbling adventures, here’s a few Papier GIFs and tips.

What you'll need
– A large tray with deep sides filled with cold water (a roasting tray works well)
– Marbling inks (easily found in art supply and craft shops)
– Pieces of paper that will fit in your tray
– A paint brush

alt text

Step 1
Get your items together and fill your tray with water. (You might also want to lay down some old newspaper to catch any drips or rogue ink.)

alt text

Step 2
Add a few drops of ink at various parts of the water. Then take the non-brush end of the paint brush to push the inks around the water in a pattern.

alt text

Step 3
Carefully place your paper on the surface of the water. Make sure the paper is floating on but doesn’t go in the water. Then carefully roll the paper back off the water starting with the end furthest from you.

alt text

Et voilà! A beautiful and unique design, handcrafted by your talented self!

Papier Tip: Once you have a design that you're happy with, cut out gift tag shapes and use them to write gift messages as a stylish flourish to your present giving!