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Lessons from My Mum...

A few Papier pals share the precious pearls of wisdom from their mums.



The joys of tea and biscuits. Be fearless in love. How to care for others. Kitchens are for dancing! When you think about all the big and little lessons the mother figures in our lives have passed down to us, they've played a huge part in shaping who we are today, what we stand for, and paved the way for the things we'll pass onto our future generations. As a tribute to all mums this Mother's Day, we asked a few Papier pals to share the gems of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration they've learnt from their wonderful mums.


Brita Schmidt, Women for Women International

The biggest lessons you've learnt from your mum?
My mum was a teacher and she loved her work so much. Her students would always send her presents and visit her long after she stopped being their teacher. I learned from her how important it is to do what you love and when you do then you have real impact.

The best little life hack your mum has passed onto you?
My mum showed me the power of gorgeous colourful nails! It’s one of my self-care practices – to make sure I treat myself with beautiful nails.


Haeni Kim, Founder of Kitri

Biggest lessons you've learnt...
My mum has instilled in me from a very young age that I need to be self-sufficient and be independent. She was a ‘tiger mum’ in a way. It was very important to her that I had a good education and did well at school, but she also encouraged me to cultivate and follow my passion without fear so that I can live a full, happy life. She would always try to get me to try something new and try everything at least once!

The best little life hack...
Skincare! I wish I listened to her earlier! She has been telling me since I was 18-years-old to wear anti-ageing skincare products and look after my skin. She taught me to moisturise my neck and hands which I have been doing religiously since my twenties. She has also taught me how to make a mean kimchi-fried rice, which is my absolutely favourite South Korean dish that reminds me of home.


Emma Low of Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

Biggest lessons you've learnt...
I think one of the biggest lessons I've learnt from my mum is that it's okay to not know everything. I've noticed in the last few years especially that my mum is open to being educated on things she doesn't know without the slightest bit of discomfort. I find that can be a rarity these days with everyone fighting to be heard. My mum is quite happy sitting back and letting others do the talking in order to learn and better her understanding.

The best little life hack...
This probably seems really obvious to some people, but my mum taught me before I left home to flip your clothes over on the clothes horse when they're drying so they dry quicker and evenly.

0320_MOTHERSDAY_FOLDemma nan.jpg

Ruth Block (Grandmother of illustrator Emma Block)

Biggest lessons you've learnt...
Always stay friends with your children! The younger generation think differently to us, and you won’t always agree with every decision that your children make but it’s important to always accept them.

The best little life hack...
My mother taught me the importance of a perfectly ironed handkerchief. As a child, I was obsessed with ironing my handkerchiefs and folding them perfectly.

0320_MOTHERSDAY_FOLDclaire.jpgPhoto: Helene Sandberg for The Grace Tales

Claire Brayford, UK Editor of @TheGraceTales

Biggest lessons you've learnt...
The biggest lesson my mum has taught me is the importance to know yourself. If you do that and you know who you are, faults and all, you will never go far wrong.

The best little life hack...
My mum has taught me everything. To warm the teapot before making tea. To always buy the best you can afford. If you are going to do something, do it with all of your heart. To speak to my children how I would want to be spoken to. And when in doubt, always wear black.


Zack Mclaughlin, Paper and Wood

Biggest lessons you've learnt...
Mum has taught me how to be myself, never compromise and just follow my heart. I've never been doubted or told to do something else. This total belief in what I want to do has allowed me to continue to pursue my art career no matter what is thrown at me. She was and always will be my rock.

The best little life hack...
The one best tip she passed on to me is to always smile and do as you would want to be done by. In other words: "Don't let the bastards bring you down!"


Nick Cotton, Papier's Front-End Developer

Biggest lessons you've learnt...
My mum lives in Sydney and I moved to London five years ago – it's really made me appreciate her a lot more since being away. About once a month, she writes me a handwritten letter and they’re my favourite things in the world and I keep every single one of them. Every now and then she even includes a drawing or a poem of things which remind me of home, like the boats we can see on the horizon from our balcony. The letters don't really include lessons but it has taught me to make the most of the time I get to spend at home.

The best little life hack...
I think she would like to have passed on her piano playing skills but I'm still yet to master a tune. Her advice to all of us has always been: “Be good. If you can’t be good, be careful.”

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