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Mother’s Day: How to Craft a Care Package

Personalise your Papier gifts with extra mum-level love & care.

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After this past and most extraordinary of years, it’s our turn to treat the mother figures in our lives with extra special love and care. From the homeschooling to the phone calls of support, we couldn’t have done it without them. How to show your endless gratitude? Fill a box (you can use one of our gift boxes or your own at home) with Papier treasures and these thoughtful, handmade touches to create the most heartfelt care package this Mother’s Day.

How to craft your care package...


1. Throwback to treasured times with photos

Scatter a few vintage photographs or some recent instant photos to bring your box to life. Looking back on the inspirational women in your family and precious times shared together will make Mum feel something real – and that’s more beautiful than any gift she could get.


2. Include kids’ drawings

Pop a few children’s illustrations within your care package to make your mum, gran or step-mum smile. These could be drawings from your school days or some scribbles from the grandkids. Either way, she’s going to adore the addition of tiny works of art.


3. Write a quote on a notecard

If you’ve treated your mum to some notecards, take one from the set to share some moving words. It could be a phrase that reminds you of her, a quote from her favourite book or lyrics from a song you two love. When you can’t be there in person, words that strike a chord mean even more.


4. Make some fun bunting

Get creative and chuck in some paper bunting for your mum to put up at home. This’ll help make her day feel like a celebration even if you can’t be together. Cut out letters from coloured paper and use some string and clear tape to fix them together. Remember to leave extra string at either end so it can be hung.


5. Accent with dried flowers

Use dried flowers to bring an elegant touch to your care package. Try sealing the envelope of your Mother’s Day card with a small cutting and some wax. Or try a floral sprig and some brown string as an effortlessly chic way to wrap your gifts.


6. Give her tea & biscuits

Let her know she’s the biscuit to your tea by adding cookies, florentines or marcons (whichever treat she can’t get enough of) and some tea bags. We’ve sourced a few letterbox-sized delights which you can easily add at checkout when you order your Mother’s Day card – from Pump Street Chocolate to Good & Proper Tea.


7. Finally, a sprig of lavender

Tie up sprigs of lavender with a silk ribbon for the final touch. Your mum can place this miniature bouquet in a vase on her desk or in her bathroom, and it’ll make your box smell delectably soothing as she opens it up to see what’s inside.

Ready to get crafting your care package? Find some Papier treasures, a gift box & her card in our Mother’s Day. shop.