Papier Passions

Odes to the Little Things

Artist Cat Seto & The Fold editor Will Hutchins celebrate their everyday joys.


Alice Tobia @ Papier

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I thought I met my love at eight,
orange sherbet, destined to be my fate.

Then fourth grade ushered bubble gum
and chocolate on a slim sugar cone.
Momentary crushes
that surely made my heart thrum.

By sweet sixteen I still chased the ice cream truck,
The summer pavement
making way for strawberry and
chip mint.

How could I leave out rocky road,
Cookie dough and pistachio!
So many flavors... their stories yet untold.

I pledge my love to you, awake, in dream...
Thank you for such delicious memories
my dearest, sweet, ice cream!

Cat Seto is an artist and founder of Ferme à Papier

alt text

My dearest post,

When I see an envelope at my feet
my fluttering heart skips a beat.

Thoughtfully chosen, lovingly written,
oh post, you've got me smitten!

And an email, a call or a Whatsapp
won't ever make me feel like that.


Will Hutchins is editor of The Fold and lover of all things paper based that drop through his letter box – except for bills.