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Why You Should Send Notecards (& What You Should Write)

Sure, when someone has done something for you, invited you to something, gifted you, it's simple to thumb a quick 'thanks!' on your phone, we all do it – it's just so easy! But the easy way is not necessarily the best way. And in this instance, sending an instant message will never be as meaningful as posting a handwritten note. (And no, that few seconds of scrolling to find the perfect emoji doesn't make it any more thoughtful.)

Sending a piece of personalised stationery to someone is the opposite of a throwaway, sling-it-into-the-digital-ether text: by showing someone that you care enough to take the time to write a note by hand, and send it to them on something special, it makes the sentiment in your message all the more sincere. Snail mail might not win the sprint for delivery, but in the marathon of human relationships, it’s most definitely the victor.

And it’s not just Thank You messages, there’s many a reason to write a notecard. Here are just a few...


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Express your gratitude
Not only does the time involved show real consideration but by sending some beautifully printed, premium stationery, the presentation shows that you care enough about this person and what they’ve done for you to give them something special in return.

Add a message to a gift
If you come across a magazine or a book you think someone might like, pop it in the post with a little note. Who doesn’t love receiving unexpected presents? (And everyone loves whoever sends them.)

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Announce your news in personal style
Moving house? Getting married? Spending your life savings on a business idea based around Cher’s outfit picker thing in Clueless? Whatever the life-changing milestone is, big or small, it always carries a little more of your own personal style when written on your own personalised notecard.

Follow up after you’ve met someone
Imagine it, you’ve been to a networking event and your personality levels were cranked to 11. You were witty, charming, the connections were sparking. You were on professional-social fire. What next? Keep those career opportunity embers burning and show what a class act you are with a handwritten, follow up note.

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Send greetings from holiday
There's no denying holiday postcards are brilliant but if you find that the lurid graphic design and intriguing photography choices that adorn the local selection of your vacation destination are not quite to your taste, then a having a few notecards on hand is perfect for sending those ‘wish you were here’ messages to your favourite people. And if you have an instant camera, you could even drop a few of your own, more discerning, snaps into the envelope.

Just say a little hello
Whether it’s someone you speak to all the time or someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, drop a ‘hello’ through their letterbox that will be all the more novel, and hence delightful, than an alert on their phone screen.

These are just a few reasons to send notecards but once you’ve got your own personalised set, in a design you love, and on paper you love to touch, you’ll want to send them for every reason and for no reason at all.

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