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Most Romantic Wedding Flowers with The Real Flower Co.

Founder Rosebie Morton picks her most romantic stems for every season.

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The Real Flower Company

The Real Flower Company are English flower farmers and florists – growing flowers as nature intended on their sustainable and Fairtrade farms. Producing from bud to bouquet throughout the year means that founder Rosebie Morton has a strong understanding of what makes a blossom beautiful. So we asked her for what she thought were the most romantic wedding flowers for every season.

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At the Real Flower Company, scent is vitally important. In fact, it’s the very reason Rosebie started the company. “I was frustrated that most of the cut flowers being sold didn't have a scent," she says. "Of your senses, smell is the most closely linked to memory and it also has a powerful impact on your mood and wellbeing. Most cut roses have been genetically modified to have their scent gene removed and that's something I'm passionate about changing. I have so many fond childhood memories of the roses both my grandmother and mother grew and that's what inspired me to reintroduce seasonal flowers with scent and provenance.”

We can see (or should that be smell?) the wonders of having freshly scented bouquets for important occasions. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every time you caught the scent of a flower you had at your big day, all those memories came flooding back? “I think that wedding arrangements that let the flowers do the talking and have a sense of place and season will always be the most beautiful,” Rosebie says.

"Watching one of our roses subtly change is so beautiful, almost ethereal."

When it comes to the most beautiful and romantic flowers for every season, Rosebie has some very clear opinions: "Vibrant bright magnolia, forsythia, hellebores, cherry blossom hamamelis (witch hazel) and lily of the valley all herald spring – magnolia being my absolute favourite," Rosebie says. "Then these are followed by our exquisitely scented sweet peas which people absolutely love. These then move us seamlessly into summer with English roses and peonies. Autumn brings oranges of so many different hues from Chinese lanterns to rose hips and bright orange dahlias, and then the more architectural winter with its structural evergreens and skeletal branches. The Real Flower Company embraces the changing seasons and this is reflected in its bouquets."

So if Rosebie had to choose one flower which was more romantic than all in the land, which would it be? "For me it has to be roses. They have such an understated beauty and elegance which works so wonderfully for wedding bouquets and arrangements. And there's their glorious scent which is unique to each rose we grow. Watching one of our roses subtly change form, colour and scent as they open is just so beautiful, almost ethereal."

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