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Team Papier’s Stationery Show & Tell

Our very own paper people show the desk companions they treasure the most.

Team Papier’s Stationery Show & Tell

It's unlikely to surprise you that the paper-loving people who work for Papier think a great deal about the stationery they decide will be best for their own desks. For World Stationery Day, we thought we'd find out a little more about why they chose their personal pieces of Papier.

Gabi, copywriter
"As a writer, I love disappearing into a world of my own. With shimmering stars and heavenly female figures, Liv & Dom’s dreamy foiled Fresco notebook design makes me feel inspired to craft my next story."

Dafne, senior social media associate
"About 2 years ago, my mum found some of her journals from when she was in her early twenties. She let my sister and I read them and it was fascinating to get a glimpse of what my mum was like and how she spent her days when she was just a few years younger than I am now. This inspired me to start my own daily journal. I enjoyed it a lot in the beginning, but quickly realised I underestimated how much time it takes to journal every day. I now haven't written in mine in a while, but it's a habit I'd like to pick up again, so I'm keen to try the gratitude journal next!"

Morgane, photographer
"I love using my Le Moderne notepad for jotting down ideas when I’m on the go or at a shoot. It can fit it in my jacket or back jeans pocket – so convenient!”

Jennie, senior copywriter
"I like writing weekly to-dos and social plans in my Matilda Goad planner. This design is so fun and lifts my mood when I need it (usually I turn to it when I’m feeling chaotic and need to write things down.)

The squiggly wave reminds me of summer, and the colours are very me – I've always loved calming lilac, while the red and blue details remind me of the French film Pierrot le Fou. Often I’ll leave it in a bag for a week or lose it around the house – so the undated pages are perfect for me!"

Holly, global head of PR
"I’m an avid list maker and have my notebook with me at all times. I chose this colourblock design because I love the fresh greens and it felt perfect for my spring mood. When not in use, it makes a great substitute plate as demonstrated with this hot cross bun."

James, creative director
"The notebook on the left inspires me to create a little magic every time I sit down with it. The planner on my right is perfect for plotting all of Papier's big plans!"

Sophie, brand director
"I love to flit between my notebook & notepad throughout the day. The former is great for taking notes in meetings, the latter for quick to dos & reminders."


Will, brand editor
“I love my recipe journal – All the Trimmings from the Hoste by Laura Jackson collection. It lives up to its title with its solid green cover framed by a many patterned spine. Serious with a side serving of fun. (Just like me.) My dog thinks it’s good enough to eat and hence has added her own form of personalisation to it – a bite mark .”

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