Let's Celebrate

What's the Colour of Your Christmas Spirit?

Merry Berry? Jolly Pineapple? You'll be one of seven seasonal shades...


Jayde Perkin



If the faintest sniff of a mince pie gets your tastebuds watering or you can simply enter a shop, hear All I Want for Christmas Is You and not have to immediately drop your bags and run, then you’ve got at least a glimmer of what the elves would call Christmas spirit.

But did you know that your Christmas spirit is one of seven seasonal shades? And that each seasonal shade has its own characteristics? You didn’t? Well then, it’s a good thing we told you. As now you can read below to find out which colour your Christmas spirit is and how to best enjoy the year’s festivities. Think of it as an early present from Papier to you.


Merry Berry
Just like cheerful ol' Saint Nick in his bright red cloak, there’s nothing that makes you happier come the 25th December than giving to others. Sure, it’s wonderful to receive presents (particularly if they look as pretty as these) but it’s even more wonderfuler to see someone else’s face light up when they open your thoughtfully chosen gift.

How to make the most of your Christmas
Make this the year where you give twice. Why not buy some of your presents from charity shops or donate to charities on behalf of people on your list? (As well as a few beautiful gifts for them to unwrap. The ones below would go down rather well we think.) And if you send our charity Christmas cards to your loved ones, 5p of every sale goes to Women to Women International.


Jolly Pineapple
You are most definitely not dreaming of a white Christmas. Unless that refers to white sandy beaches. For you, late-December is a time to flee the Northern Hemisphere for warmer climes. (Or perhaps you’re already in warmer climes. In which case, you're digging your flip-flopped feet firmly in the aforementioned sand.) You want Piña coladas, not pork chipolatas. While pulling a cracker has a very different meaning at the Full Moon Party where you’ll be dancing away the 25th.

How to make the most of your Christmas
If you haven’t already, book a flight. But if your Christmas bonus isn’t going to stretch to a trip to Thailand or the Caribbean, then try this Piña Colada recipe at home.


Yule Tides
Family time, that’s what Christmas means to you. You’ll happily take the emotional ebb and flow of it all. From thrilled toddlers in the morning to crying children by midday, Prosecco-pleased parents-in-law at lunch to grumpy grandparents come the evening. You’re willing to surf this familial mood wave whether it sends you crashing or you ride it smoothly to the smiling shore because when it’s nice, it’s really nice.

How to make the most of your Christmas
Take a deep breath and keep smiling.


Peaceful Pine
You’ve always found a meditative peacefulness in putting up the decorations. You like it so much, you even make some yourself, painting your own baubles (no giggling please) and tie-dyeing your stockings. The tree is the pinnacle of all this. Opening your box of decs is like seeing old friends, with one or two new bauble besties joining you each time. This year you’re thinking of a Technicolour colour-scheme and we would wholeheartedly agree.

How to make the most of your Christmas
Be inspired by our How To Have a Technicolour Christmas Story.


Festive Flamingo
Christmas is the best reason you know to dress up in flamboyant attire. You spend the first 11 months of the year hunting dramatically sleeved, vibrantly coloured and occasionally, liberally sequinned outfits for party season and when you get to said parties, you vogue your way straight to the centre of the dance floor. Even when there isn’t a dance floor.

How to make the most of your Christmas
Pick from these party invitations and get planning a legendary soirée of your very own.


Magic Sky
On the nights before Christmas, you’ll wrap yourself in a scarf and sing carols, candle in hand, under the winter stars. You’ll amble through Christmas markets following the scent of roasted chestnuts as you grasp your cup of mulled wine with both hands. You’ll wipe a tear away at the end of The Snowman – and all of it will warm the cockles of your heart.

How to make the most of your Christmas
If you’re not already, get a group of friends together and go wassailing. i.e. singing carols from door to door. If you don’t know your neighbours, ’tis the season to introduce yourself.


Humbug Coal
Mince pies? Hate them. Festive knits? They make you come out in a rash. Secret Santa? You’re not wasting £5 of your hard-earned cash on Susan from HR. No, for you, all this joyous nonsense needs to stop. At least in the streaming era, you don’t need to endure endless Christmas repeats of Doctor Who/Doc Martin/Downton Abbey/all the other TV shows you can’t stand.

How to make the most of your Christmas
Lurch home, chow down on some gruel and wait to see if you receive any otherworldly visitors…