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The etiquette of wedding thank you cards

The what, the when, and the who of your post-ceremony thank you cards.

The etiquette of wedding thank you cards

Your wedding doesn’t end with the big day. Once you're back home and letting those heady blissed-out vibes settle around your daily lives there's the wedding thank you cards to write. It might not feel like something you want to rush to start (particularly if you’ve had an extra large wedding) but thanking your guests is a necessary thing to do and a lovely way for you and your partner to reminisce about the day itself, as well as a chance to plot ideas for your future via uses for your gifts.

If you’re unsure about the who, the what and the when of wedding thank you card etiquette, then here's a few handy pointers to help.

When to send wedding thank you cards

You may have heard that you have a year to send your thank you cards, well, that’s just not right. According to traditional protocol, you need to send them in the first three months. Ideally, do it as soon as you can while it’s still fresh in your and your guests’ memories. If you get a few later gifts then you can send Thank You notes for those as you receive them.

If it feels like a mammoth task you could split it up over a few weeks but make sure to send them all at the same time. You don’t want an upset email from Auntie Sally complaining that she hasn’t been sent a card but Auntie Rosie has. Help each other out and do them together, perhaps taking a section each and then jointly signing them – you’re a team now!

Who to send them to

As well as thanking people who have gifted you, you should thank everyone who came to your wedding, gift givers who weren't able to make the day, hosts, the vendors you worked with, anyone who helped on the day or with the preparation, and, of course, your parents. Don’t forget the bridal party – a card is a lovely way to say thank you for being my bridesmaid or groomsman.

What to write

Make sure all your messages have a personal touch. Reference the gift they gave you, or if they didn’t give you gift, then mention how their being there made the day extra special for you.

If their gift was an item, mention how you'll use it or that you’re looking forward to using it all the time (whether you really are or not!). If they gave you money, don’t mention the amount, but mention what you’ll put it towards. This is where you and your partner can dream up some fantasy culinary skills and interior exploits.

What sort of card

Traditionally, couples send classic minimally coloured cards, but it can also be a great opportunity for a photo thank you card. One of your favourite photos of the two of you on the day is a lovely way to reignite that glowing feeling from your big day in both you and your guests.

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