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Tips for getting the most out of your notebook

From lined or leather to dotted and everyday, we’ve got pages for each possibility.

Tips for getting the most out of your notebook

At Papier, we know your most noteworthy moments come in many forms. From one-word reminders to shopping lists and to-dos, there’s a Papier notebook made for every kind of musing. Put pen to paper with our collection of never-leave-your-side notebooks and pick the perfect pages, size and style to suit your scribbles – whenever inspiration strikes.

Choosing your notebook size

Your best ideas arrive in many shapes and sizes, so it’s no surprise that there are some pages better suited to notes made on the move, or those written down in the comfort of your home.

From A5 notebooks that easily fit in your bag or desk drawer, to on-to-go options that are better placed in your palm, our selection includes something for everyone.

Picking a notebook cover

As a place to jot down your must-remember thoughts, phone numbers, or recommendations on the move, our notebook pages of any style have a 3mm thick hardback cover. With your notes kept safely inside, all that’s left for you to do is choose a design and shade to mirror your mood. Want to keep things personal? Add a name or initial – or extra-special shiny foiled letters – to make our personalised notebooks truly yours.


Your Papier notebook guide

Looking for pages to match your note-taking style? Take your pick from our paper lineup.

Lined notebooks for writing lists and reminders

Meet a notebook that makes taking down ideas easy – wherever you are. In our classic A5 lined notebook, enjoy 96 pages of fully lined paper, made for scribbling words, wish lists, and ideas as they strike, without the worry of wobbly lines.

Sketch big ideas in a plain notebook

Design and write without limits, with a little help from our range of plain notebooks. With one page filled with your finest doodles, simply flip the next to write to-dos and important reminders. And with 192 A5 sides ready to help bring bright ideas to life, the possibilities of a blank page are endless.

Dotted notebooks for bullet journaling

The ultimate multi-tasker, a bullet journal is the perfect place for your most dynamic pen-to-paper moments. See fluidity meet control with the option to create straight lines or weave between the dots to find your flow. These pages are perfect for bullet-style lists, timetables, drawings and more.

Bring a fancy touch with a leather notebook

With our leather notebooks, what’s on the outside matters as much as the pages that lie within. Made with upcycled leather – and in a handy A5 size – our leather notebooks are the perfect place for jotting daily thoughts, plans and notes with an elevated finish. In a range of versatile colours featuring metallic foiling, our leather notebooks make an ideal gift or bring a little bit of luxury to your own everyday scribbles.


Take note on the go with an everyday notebook

Meet your new paper companion for moments on the move. The Everyday notebook is ideal for daily use, with lined pages in a hardback cover. Choose from six colourways and a smaller size (130mm x 210mm) that fits perfectly in your hand, held together with an elastic band to keep all your important thoughts and ideas safely in one place.

And that’s not all! Never lose your place again thanks to two handy ribbon page markers and a 'deep, expandable pocket' for storing all your paper things – from receipts to notes.

Spiral notebooks for a daily dose of colour

Add a touch of fun to your simplest notes with pages sure to brighten your days. Available in a palette of four smile-worthy shades – blue, green, lavender and coral – our spiral notebook lets you jot ideas on 180 lined pages, bound together within a hardback cover featuring fancy foiled details. Attached to a spiral ring so you can flip between pages with ease, this 176mm x 250mm size works well for everything from weekly to-dos to shopping lists and reminders.

Ready to choose your notebook match? Explore the full notebook collection today.

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