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Tips to keep your desk organised

The brighter the desk, the better the day

Tips to keep your desk organised

Magic happens in the places and spaces we create in. Whether you’re working from home, an office or on campus, having an uplifting and organised desk space can help you feel more focused and find your flow. Our new desk accessories were created by our team of in-house designers, desk accents that double up as functional stationery and joyful objets d’art.

Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your desk delightfully organised and your mind clear and calm.


Assess the desk space

Where you’re working from will play a part in designing your desk. If it’s a shared space, consider how your desk accessories can make your desk feel truly your own. If your workplace is less than ideal, think about how little details could transform what you have. Try using a notebook to write down what you love about where you work and what you could improve.

Gather your pens

Using our Scallop Edge pen pot to gather all of your favourite writing tools is a wonderful way to add a little delight to your desk. Pop the pen pot on the same side of your desk as your dominant writing hand for easy access. Our pens and pencils come in mood-boosting hues with fun design details, so are perfect to be displayed. You can also use a Flower or Rainbow pen clip to keep your most-loved pen attached to your favourite notebook, so you’re always ready to jot down any quick ideas.

Organise your essentials

Little extras are where your desk can truly be brought to life. Desk accessories like our Cloud ruler and Curious Shapes erasers are as fun as they are functional. Keep all your little bits and pieces tidy by organising them on our Clover trays. Our Cloud Trays are a little longer, if you’d like to keep other bits like hand cream, mints or headphones nearby.

Plan and prioritise

Try to get into a routine to keep your desk tidy and clean. That may mean spending a few minutes at the beginning and end of your day to set out your stationery and select your favourite pens. Or perhaps you can plan a time of day that you’ll clear any clutter like plates, glasses or bits of paper. Try to prioritise a tidy desk by adding it as a to-do on your list notepad or scheduling it as a part of your day in your daily planner. Find something that works for you and try to stick to it.


Put papers in order

It’s easy to let loose sheets of paper clutter your desk. Keep your important pages together with our Curious Shapes paper clips, then organise your documents or letters with Cloud intrays. Desk files are better suited for things you grab often or want to display, such as magazines.

Keep notes and carry on

It’s easy to get distracted throughout the day with ad-hoc tasks or little ideas that come to mind. Keeping a Wave Memo Block on your desk can help you quickly scribble down anything that comes to you during the day, without disrupting your workflow. If you find yourself going to the fridge too often or looking at your phone, try using our Thought Bubbles sticky notes as a simple reminder to stay on track.


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