Papier Passions

2021: Visions of Hope

A few Papier friends illustrate their wishes for the new year.



There were two simple things that really kept us going in 2020 – hope and art. In light of everything that’s happened over the past extraordinary year, we asked a few Papier pals to look to the future and illustrate their hopes for 2021. Here’s what they are wishing for this new year. How about you?


Liv & Dom

“We haven’t been on a non-work related holiday together for 10 years. This year we finally had the money and time to go, but of course Covid-19 made it impossible. In the grand scheme of things, cancelled holidays, particularly for those who are fortunate enough to go away multiple times a year, are not a big deal. But here’s hoping that those who really need or deserve a relaxing break can enjoy one this year. Our Mum who worked so hard for vulnerable people throughout the lockdown and had to cancel her trip to Sicily definitely falls into this category!”

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Danielle Kroll

“My hopeful vision for 2021 is to grow a garden with towering flowers and mushrooms on logs. I want to recreate the feeling of being in my grandparents’ garden as a kid. We’d walk through rows of plants and when I looked up, the flowers grew high above my head. It felt very otherworldly to be totally encapsulated in greenery. Being much taller now, when I’m made to feel small I find myself especially giddy. In my dream plot I’m going to have sunflowers, bronze fennel, cosmos and oyster mushrooms at the border.”

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Ciao Chiara

“My dream for 2021 is that we may have some fun and happy times with loved ones in the not too distant future! I hope that we may have a renewed kindness for others and our planet, when we start to discover the new post-pandemic norm.”

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What are you wishing for in 2021? Find a place to draw all of our hope and dreams with our plain paper notebooks.