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The lowdown: Wedding table names versus wedding table numbers

The lowdown: Wedding table names versus wedding table numbers

There’s a lot to deliberate when planning a big day, and wedding table names versus wedding table numbers is a common conundrum. To help you decide what’s right for you, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons for both – and included some creative ideas for whichever you settle on.

What are the benefits of wedding table names and numbers?

If you’ve got a sizable guest list, wedding table names and wedding table numbers are organisational lifesavers. Placed on each table within your venue, they let guests know exactly where they’re sitting. Not only does this make it easier for everyone to relax, it simultaneously aids a smooth-running meal service. What’s more, both table names and table numbers can double up as conversation openers for your friends and family.

Wedding table names, or wedding table numbers?

Although they ultimately serve the same function, there are distinct differences between wedding table names and wedding table numbers, so it’s worth giving some careful consideration to which is right for you. Here’s an overview of their individual pros and cons to help you choose.


Wedding table numbers: Pro

Wedding table numbers are traditional and elegant. Due to their simplicity, they look great in almost any design and – aside from deciding who’s going to be sat at which number – don’t involve too much brain power.

Wedding table numbers: Con

Although you can get creative with your design, you can’t convey all that much with a number. Plus, in some circles, table numbers can cause controversy, if guests deem theirs to be less worthy than another.

Wedding table names: Pro

Wedding table names are a chance to tell your story with personal monikers that connect you and your guests. Whilst conjuring names for every table in your party can be time consuming, it’s also a lot of fun.

Wedding table names: Con

As well as taking up more creative headspace, table names can also cause some confusion when guests are looking to locate their seat. Any friends and family expecting tables to be labelled numerically may require extra guidance!

Our favourite wedding table number designs

While the numbers themselves might be simple, the design you opt for needn’t be. For outdoor weddings or those with a nature-inspired theme, we’re big fans of foliage and floral prints, whether that be an impactful flower garland, or delicate leaves. If it’s a modern or minimal affair, you can’t go wrong with a block-colour or thin linear border. After something completely unique? Bright peacock feathers or a striking scallop print could be just the right fit.


Wedding table name ideas we love

If you’re leaning towards wedding table names, it’s likely you’ll have some loose themes in mind already, but should you require some inspiration, here are a few tried and tested ideas to get you going.

Book smart

A good choice for avid readers, you could name tables after your favourite novels, or best-loved authors. Any bookworms in your crowd will appreciate the references.

Sweet music

How about turning your table names into a soundtrack of your relationship? From albums you’ve played on repeat, to songs that have deep meaning, music-themed names will likely get people talking (or singing).

On film

For cinema and TV fans, names of prominent films and television shows are a fun way to go. They could be personal favourites, or ones that connect to the personalities of your guests.

In the garden

For those with a green thumb, names of favourite flowers or herbs can be a perfect fit. Research the meanings of different blooms, or choose based on your colour scheme.

Around the world

Falling in love is the adventure of a lifetime. Take your guests on a whirlwind trip by naming tables after different destinations. You could choose countries that you’ve travelled to or wish to visit, or keep it closer to home and pick favourite places or venues in your city.

Love-filled words

Amour. Ardour. Adoration. For the wordy ones, name your tables with words of love. Choose different languages, or choose words that have a special meaning to you as a couple.

How to display your table names and numbers

Once you’ve decided which is right for you, you’ll need to think about how to display your wedding table names or wedding table numbers. A clipboard works well for a rustic theme, while a classic metal stand sits perfectly with simple and elegant styles. If space allows, you could also choose to mount your wedding table names or numbers in frames. Look out for frames that fit with your venue - you might decide to mix and match across your tables for a personalised feel.

Decided which is right for you? Take a look at our extensive collection of wedding table names & wedding table numbers.

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