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What to Do With a Blank Page? (The In-House Edition)

Our creative team share a peek inside their Papier notebooks.

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For a while now on The Fold, we’ve asked our creative friends from far and wide how they like to fill the blank pages of their notebooks. But for the new year, we thought we’d freshen things up a little and look for inspiration much closer to home (Maison Papier to be precise). So here we have it – the in-house edition! Take a look at the ways our very own creative team turn blank space into something beautiful and functional.

Fiona, Midweight Artworker

"Generally I like to use my notebook with blank pages for quick sketches and small notes. I use it for working through initial ideas and concepts, drawing up rough sketches and new design ideas before they are fully formed and lots of quick notes. The pages can be a bit messy and wild – it’s all about getting your first ideas quickly down visually so you can start the creative process. You never know when inspiration will hit, so it’s a must have desk companion."

Jess, Stationery Design Manager

"I have always loved making lists! Be it for projects, weekly and daily to-dos or even just my shopping wishlist; noting down everything in my head helps to keep me organised which is key when you are managing a team. Being part of the design one however, you will find the occasional sketch... but my go-to use for notebooks is definitely creating pages and pages of lists!"

Molly, Design Director

“It’s my space to sketch and paint my design ideas. I think visually and always have so many ideas. It’s important to capture these ideas to have it as a reference for the future and it’s therapeutic to draw! The beauty of sketching down your ideas is that it feels it’s getting closer to making it a reality. The process of imagining things in your head and making it into a reality is the most fun experience you can have as a designer. I don’t just use it for work but also sketch other goals I want to achieve in my blank pages to make it into a reality. It’s a space to dream!”


Filled with inspiration and ready to bring some blank space to life? Find yourself a new notebook to do so right here.