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What to write in a birthday card

Tips for messages to celebrate them.

What to write in a birthday card

Birthdays are always occasions filled with love and joy, but even more so when celebrating a special person or milestone moment. When it comes to sending the perfect birthday card, what you say inside matters just as much as the design on the front. So we’ve rounded up our favourite ways to show them you know them, this year and always.

Birthday card messages for all kinds of family

Here are some heartfelt ways to say happy birthday to those you know best.

A birthday message for mum or dad

“Thanks for always being there for me, you deserve the best day ever.”
“You’re always thinking about us, this one’s all about YOU!”
“Happy birthday to you. You’re more than a parent, you’re my best friend, too.”

Say happy birthday in a card for a sibling

“Wow, another birthday – we’ve been through so many celebrations together! Let’s party.”
“No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby (brother/sister). Happy Birthday – we love you.”
“Happy birthday, big (bro/sis). You inspire me every day!”

Birthday wishes for grandmas and grandads

“If there’s one person that deserves to be celebrated, it’s you! Happy birthday to my favourite.”
“For all those childhood birthday parties you pulled together, I’m so glad that now I can spoil you!”
“No matter how many years go by, you’ll always be the one getting me in trouble! Happy birthday (Gramps/Granny).”


Birthday card messages for partners and friends

Ways to say happy birthday to the ones you can’t imagine life without.

Birthday love notes for new boyfriends and girlfriends

“Happy birthday to you, hopefully the first of many spent together. I can’t wait to celebrate all things YOU!”

“I can’t believe this is the first time we’ve celebrated your birthday as a couple! Relax and have the best day ever, you deserve some time out.”

“Happy Birthday. I can’t wait for the adventures we have ahead!”

Messages for long-term partners, fiancés and fiancées or husbands and wives

“You get better every year. Happy birthday, you’ll always be the one for me.”

“How has another twelve months flown by already?! Birthday wishes to the one that is my world.”

“With each year that passes, I love you more. Happy birthday, let’s start our next adventure today!”

Birthday ideas for best mates and friends that feel like family

“SO many birthdays celebrated with you, and still we find new ways to make memories we’ll laugh about forever. Happy birthday, bestie.”

“Friends like you are hard to find. Let’s celebrate your birthday in style.”

“Birthday wishes for the best around. Now, where are we going to celebrate tonight?!
Love you.”


Celebrating a milestone? Here’s a birthday card message to match

What to write in a 1st birthday card

They may be little, but a first birthday card is a keepsake treasured by both parent and child, once they’re old enough to understand your love-filled words.

“Happy first year on Earth, little one!”

“Never forget how much we love you.”

“We can’t believe you’re one already, we’re so excited to watch you grow.”

“Happy first birthday! We can’t wait to see who you become.”

“You won’t remember this joy-filled birthday, but we always will.”

What to write in an 18th birthday card

Whether it’s a first night out dancing or dinner with the family, make their 18th birthday feel magical with a card that captures their coming of age.

“It’s the big 1-8! You’re officially a grown-up!”

“I hope your new chapter brings everything you dream of.”

“Sending all the party vibes your way on this special day!”

“Here are 18 reasons you’re simply the best….”

“Get on your best shoes, we’re going out to celebrate!”

What to write in a 21st birthday card

For that first big milestone to kick start their twenties, make sure they know you’re by their side to celebrate the moment. 21 is for having fun, so share a message that starts the year as it should go on…

“Your twenties are a wild ride, buckle up!”

“The best days of your life are just getting started. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy the journey.”

“Happy 21st birthday to our favourite person. We’re so proud of who you’ve become.”

“It’s here! The big 21st! Let’s celebrate with sparkles and sequins tonight.”

“21 years, and you get better with each one. Keep shining bright, you’re a star.”

What to write in a 30th birthday card

It seems like just yesterday they turned 21, but here you are, at the dawn of their next decade. Let them know their thirties will be the best ever with words of wisdom, love, and celebration.

“Happy 30th! Now let’s party like you’re still in your twenties!”

“30 looks SO good on you. I’ve got a feeling this one might be your best yet.”

“A little bit older but a whole lot wiser. We loved you then, we love you now.”

“Happy 30th to my best friend EVER. Thanks for sticking by me through the decades”

“Thirty and thriving – today is all about celebrating YOU!”

What to write in a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday card

Big birthdays are made for reflection, but always with a lot of love, cake and caring way less about the little things. Tell them they're getting better every decade with a message made for a memorable milestone.

“I’m so pleased to celebrate this super exciting birthday with you – here’s to ageing like a fine wine!”

“Another decade full of achievements and adventures, we can’t wait to see what the next one holds for you.”

“ Tonight is all about celebrating YOU. Happy big birthday, we love you so very much”

“Another decade – go you! Put your feet up and relax, you deserve it.”

“The best thing about new decades is the chance to start again, it’s never too late to do everything you’ve dreamed of.”

What to write in a 70th, 80th or 90th birthday card

They’ve already brightened the days of so many, but a message for a special someone celebrating a 70th, 80th or 90th birthday can let them know that there are years of wonderful moments yet to come.

“Happy birthday to simply the best, you make us all so proud every year.”

“Happy birthday, we love you. Now sit back and enjoy a day all about you!”

“You’ve been there for me for all my life, now let us celebrate you – we can’t imagine a world without your love.”

“Wow, what a milestone – we’re so excited for the next decade of fun! Remember, you’re as young as you feel.”

“What an icon you are to look up to, another decade past and looking better than ever!”

What to write in a 100th birthday card

The ultimate milestone – 100 times around the sun. Alongside a timely telegram from His Majesty, make your birthday card message something the whole family will truly cherish forever.

“100 years young, you don’t look a day over 21! What an inspiration you are.”

“What an achievement. Happy 100th Birthday to you.”

“Happy Birthday! We could listen to stories of your adventures for another 100 years!”

“100 today, but still the best fun around. They just don’t make them like you anymore.”

“100 years and still putting everyone else first. Today, just relax. We’re all here to celebrate you.”

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