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What to write in a Father's Day card

A note for the dad figures that mean the most.

What to write in a Father's Day card

Dads, grandads, uncles and those men who’ve stepped into a father’s shoes, there’s so much we want to say to them – but mostly – thank you. For every word of encouragement, the countless times they’ve saved the day and the never-ending dad jokes, settle in to write down just how much it all means in one of our Father’s Day cards. It can be sentimental, funny or truly quite simple, but whatever kind of message, we have some inspiration to get you started.

For fathers, dads and papas

From tying your laces on the first day of school to watching you tie the knot, there’s not a milestone or memory that doesn’t include Dad. The first one you’d turn to in a crisis and the only person you’d call for last-minute advice – show him that his wisdom and words mean so much more than he could ever know. Not sure where to start? We’ve thought of some opening lines to inspire.

“Dad, you’re simply the best! My favourite memory with you is that time when…”

“Thank you for everything, Dad. We all love you so much.”

“Papa, a huge thanks for everything you do – it means the world!”


For grandpas, grandads and grandas

Always getting you in – and out! – of trouble, and forever your partner in mischief and mayhem, grandads are truly one of life’s first best friends. For all the years he’s spent telling tales of adventures before your time – places he’s been, things he’s seen – and the memories of days spent together you know you’ll cherish forever, put pen to paper with words to make him laugh and smile that he’ll surely savour.

“You’re so wise Grandad, but more than that… you’re the most fun I know! Thanks for always having my back.”

“I love your stories, Gramps. My favourite one is when…”

“Thank you for always being up for an adventure – and for never telling Mum/Dad when you’ve got me out of trouble!”

For someone that is as close to Dad as can be

The best advice, the wickedest sense of humour, and the way he always has time – no matter when or where – this man was made to be a dad to you. He could be an uncle, stepdad, big cousin or brother, or maybe even a mentor or colleague-turned-friend. Whoever he is, you owe him a lot. So, this Father’s Day, tell him in a way that only you can.

“Thank you for being like a dad to me. It means so much.”

“I might not say it often, but I really admire you. I hope that I can be a bit more like you one day.”

“Don’t we have just the BEST stories?! Who could forget when…”

For a father figure that’s been like a dad to you

Maybe you gained a bonus dad when you got hitched, or you could have known this special man from the start – whenever he came into your life, let him know you’re grateful he’s here to stay. Maybe your own dad couldn’t be around, or perhaps you lucked out and have two amazing father figures to guide you through the years. Either way, let him know how much you appreciate him with words in a Father's Day card that really say how you feel. Get started with these…

“You might not have always been in my life, but I can’t remember a time when I’d turn to anyone else. Thank you for being like a father to me.”

“How lucky am I to have a father-in-law like you?! Thanks for being around.”

“We never take for granted how much you’ve done for us. Thank you, always.”


For brand new dads that should know they’re brilliant

He might have read every book out there in prep – or perhaps the number of nighttime feeds took him by surprise! Either way, let a new dad know you think he’s doing great, whether you’re co-parenting with him or admire his approach to fatherhood from afar. From listing the things that already make him a dad in a million to sharing your best advice or favourite story so far, our are a great place to mark reaching his first milestone as a parent.

“You’ve been a brilliant dad since day one. Thank you for coming on this crazy ride called parenthood with me!”

“There have already been SO many great firsts since you became a dad. My favourite one was…”

“Happy first Father’s Day! You’re becoming a better dad every day, we’re so proud of you. Our top advice is …”


For dads that think they’re the funniest man around

Usually, you leave the dad jokes to him, but jotting a funny message in his Father’s Day card could be a good way to show him you’ve inherited his great sense of humour. From a classic joke to a hilarious memory from over the years, the funniest Father’s Day messages are surely anecdotal. Here are some handy pointers to help words flow.

“Dad, remember that time when…”

“I’ll never forget the story you told me about…”

“My funniest memories are always with you! Like the one when…”

Thoughtful short musings for Father’s Day cards

If messages of sentiment don’t come naturally, or you want to say something special in not so many words, we’ve thought of some short and sweet ways to say ‘you’re the best’ – no matter what kind of father they are.

“Dad, you are so loved.”
“You are so much more than a dad to me. You’re truly my best mate.”
“Keep going, you’re an amazing father.”
“Your wise words are never unnoticed or unappreciated.”
“You’re such an inspiration to me and everyone you meet.”
“I adore how passionate you are about the things you love.”
“Thank you for everything.”
“If I’m ever a dad, I’ll have your kindness to aim for.”
“You give the best hugs in the world!”

Tell him how you feel in a Father’s Day card, made for those that have loved, shaped and guided who you are today.

Card designs for all kinds of dads

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