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Why I Love Writing Letters

For Papier photographer Trix Carver, letter writing is a creative output that helps her and her recipients. Some of whom, she's never actually met...

Why I Love Writing Letters

Papier's in-house photographer, Trix Carver, has certainly got a good eye for composition. But along with sensational stationery snaps, she also composes beautiful letters. A longtime creative outlet since childhood, Trix has continued to write letters as a way to help with anxiety and connect with loved ones. Recently, she started writing to strangers who requested some of her kind and encouraging words. And now we're in the depths of the coronavirus lockdown, she's posting more good vibes than ever before.

0420_TheFold_TrixLetterWriting_portrait.jpgTrix Carver, Papier photographer

I started offering to send letters to friends in need at the beginning of 2020 as a little project to help with my anxiety. I find letter writing to be such a meditative practice. There is something so peaceful about sitting down to think about all the wonderful qualities of the recipient and write them words of encouragement. Whilst I’m writing, I forget everything else and am able to focus on creating something kind and joyful for a little while.

The people I have written to this year have mostly been friends, but more recently I have been receiving requests from people I don't know. I started a Twitter account where I talk about letter writing and use hashtags #PenPals #SnailMail and #PositivePost on my posts. As a result of this I have attracted more interest and members of the public have started to request letters. I have now written to 20 wonderful people and counting! The letters have gone as far as LA and India!


"Everyone has the power to share kindness and encouragement, all you have to do is write from the heart."

I also still frequently write to friends and family, just to let them know that I’m thinking of them. Especially if I see a card that I think they’ll really like. If I ever see a card with an otter on, I will always send it on to my mum!

Now that we are in lockdown, I head to my postbox as part of my exercise routine. I feel so grateful that spring is almost here and it's sunny in London. It means I can write on my balcony which I love doing.


Some things to keep in mind when writing letters: you don't always need fancy paper. When I run out of letter paper, I use pieces of A4 and add a little water colour motif in the corner. I particularly like painting happy, little trees inspired by Bob Ross. Another thing I have started doing is adding in little surprise gifts! In the photo above are some special pieces of stationery that I bought during a trip to Japan and that I love to share with letter recipients.


I think letter writing is so wonderful because it is so accessible to all, you don’t have to be great with words. I’m dyslexic and have probably sent out more typos than I can count but what matters is the heart of what you are saying. When writing to someone you can tell them about a project that they’ve worked on that you really admire or a lovely memory that you’ve shared together. I also like to include a few positive quotes that I think will resonate with the recipient. Everyone has the power to share kindness and encouragement, all you have to do is write from the heart.


We'd love to see the letters and notes you're sending to loved ones. Share yours on social with #positivepost. To help you out, we're popping a free postcard in all Papier orders (except greeting cards and framed prints). It's time to stay connected and send love.

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