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A Note To My Younger Self: Maeve Marsden

The Sydney Mardi Gras events curator tells Kid-Maeve to keep on keeping on.


Maeve Marsden

We’re celebrating Sydney Mardi Gras 2019 with our friends at Minus18. 100% of proceeds from our House of Holland Rainbow Waves charity collection will be donated to the LGBTIQ+ youth foundation from now until 31st March. Minus18 supports young LGBTIQ+ people through events, workshops, and education. So we asked some influential members of the LGBTIQ+ community what words of wisdom and reassurance they would pen in a note to their younger selves.

Maeve Marsden is a writer, theatremaker, and performer. Her writing has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, Guardian Australia, Junkee and other publications, and she edited the ABC's Sydney Mardi Gras 40th Anniversary Magazine in 2018. In her note, she asks Kid-Maeve to keep on going.

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Dear Kid-Maeve,

Congrats on being great. You’re great. You’re awkward and loud and smart and fun and some of the people who are your friends now will go on to be your friends for a long time. You’ll meet their kids and work together and make chosen family, and friendship will be one of the most important things in your life. So when you have high drama fights with the other girls or get rejected and hurt, just know you’re doing it right and your adult life is full of good people.

Don’t apologise for your family. You think emphasising how normal your lesbian mothers are leads to acceptance but when you grow up you’ll be proud of the differences, proud to have had an abnormal childhood. You’ll come to see your queerness as a gift and a privilege.

You’re gonna be heaps gay. And it’s great. You’ll be lucky enough to love some incredible women and eventually you’ll settle up for a very clever, super weird, incredibly funny, sometimes difficult, fabulously supportive ladyfriend. She won’t like the word ‘partner’ or ‘girlfriend’ and neither of you want to be wives (gross), but you’ll be each other’s person, whatever that means.

Have a good life. Sorry about high school. And university. Things get really good when you turn 30 so stick with it…

x Maeve

If that wasn't example enough of the power of putting pen to paper, we're donating 100% of proceeds from House of Holland's Rainbow Waves charity collection to Minus18 until 31st March.


If you'd like to hear and see more of grown-up Maeve, she hosts and curates LGBTQI+ storytelling night and podcast Queerstories around Australia. This year, she has curated Queer Thinking, Sydney Mardi Gras' weekend of talks and ideas.